Robes for under $15.00

I just got one of these here a few weeks ago. Oh my goodness, it is so soft and cuddly! As a plus-sized woman, I was a little worried about the sizing, but I shouldn’t have been. The L-XL is generously cut and fits just right. I want to buy one of these for everyone I know!

I ordered the willow color a few weeks ago. It’s a lot paler than pictured. Like a very light mint. But, it’s so warm and plush. So, I bought the chocolate and black ones for hubby and son when they came available. May get another.


Chocolatey Oatmeal with Creamy Camel.

So deliciously plushy!

For those that have it home - is it long sleeve, 3/4 or… ? Ankle, calf or knee length?

Sorry, I’m not good at visualizing the measurements listed… Thanks!

I’m 5’5 tall. Got the small and it’s huge. Sleeves are full length the robe is almost ankle length.

I am 5’-4, the L-XL is calf length for me, and the sleeves are long (I have very long arms and they are perfect.)

Just order one, you won’t be sorry! I’m serious, this robe would be $100 in a big name department store.

Could someone post lengths of the sleeves & collar to hem of the L/XL, please?

My mom is 5’9" and usually sleeves are too short for her.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there. These are Unisex so an L/XL is pretty big. I’m 5’8" and it swallowed me. I ordered an S/M and am much happier with it. The sleeves go all the way down to or below my wrists.

There are measurements on the specs tab that give what you want.

Oh, these are soooooo cuddly soft.

Thanks Thunder - smartphone touch and little down arrows were not working out for me. I appreciate your post!

It is long-sleeved. I bought the Small/Medium size. The sleeves come down to my knuckles. The robe extends below my knees, a bit shorter than mid-calf. (I am a 5’8" woman, 145 lb.).

Hi everyone.

I ordered two robes from this WOOT sale and received it today. It didn’t feel as soft and cuddly like some of you described. :frowning: Instead it felt like something was on top of the fabric. So I wanted to ask how you washed it to make it all nice again.


I ordered one L/XL and one Small/medium and got TWO L/XL.

Wife not happy.