Robes & Mirrors & Stuff For The Spa

Wow $1.99 for 3 containers of lube lol.

I think it’s funny those sold out first… Ahh, the minds of wooters. Don’t forget the wine!

The Aloe Cadabra may have sold out first, and they may be cheap, but they’re not even worth $1.99. I bought these last time they were on Woot and paid $7.99 which I thought was a good deal…until I received them and opened them. They all smelled rancid and I wouldn’t even think of using them. I complained to Woot and they told me to give them to someone as a gift. No refund. First off, I wouldn’t give lube to anyone as a gift, and second, I wouldn’t even give something that foul smelling to an enemy. They just wasted two bucks, but they did better than me.

I ordered the pink bathrobe on Monday, received it on Friday. This is the best robe I have ever had in my life! Super soft and snuggly. Generously cut, fits perfectly. I want to buy one for every person I know! Or at least for all the folks I really like.