Robo City

*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Help promote this shirt! For those with overnight delivery, let the rest of the universe.woot know how wonderful this on an actual shirt! Click here and post a picture!

eeeeee gads no thanks. looks l,ike a christmas design… congrats thou…

grats on the print you two! not quite my color combo but well done.

Pass, not something I’d wear. Too busy? Hahaha

I love robots, but I don’t love pink. Have to pass on this one tonight. I like the design itself, but the colour scheme just isn’t doing it for me.

eh, not a big fan of the design, but MORE GREEN SHIRTS PLZ!!! kthxbai

Colors are fun. Still, not me.

I am more excited about the craft project. Woohoo folding!

Where else can you purchase a t-shirt and get a free game to boot?

For once, they have a holiday shirt for sale, that might actually arrive before the holiday in question.

For me the colors don’t work. Nice crafts though.

Yay for the DIY fun on the main shirt page. The shirt is oddly neat, and I love green shirts

agreeance - I love the kelly green just not the color combo here

doopdee doo doo doo doop dooo!!!

u know… that cartoon network commercial thats like a factory and at the end it jsut says CARTOON NETWORK!? … thats the tune (the “doop dee doo”) thats what this shirt reminds me off

i think they used the same tune in some VISA commercial in which everyone is like buying stuff and suddenly someone pays cash and its CHAOS!!!

I’m quite fond of this colour scheme, actually. I think pink and green is a love-it-or-hate-it combination and I’m one of those who likes it. I’m not sold on the design, but congratulations anyway LouLou and Tummie. As for the papercraft, I would be all over it if it weren’t for all of my homework. I shouldn’t even be here right now. :tongue:

Congrats on the print!

I love, love, love, love, luuuurve this shirt: color, design, the whole magilla. Can’t wait til it gets here

on the fence… got a pair of nikes that’ll match but will decide in the a.m.

Eeeewww!, too busy and Christmassy looking for me.
Any dude wearing this I will burst out laughing!