Robo City

Are these shirts heat pressed or silk screened? Anyone know?

my sentiments exactly!!! more green shirts!

very 1950s robo-christmas meets holly hobbie.

pass. with a wide berth.

robots. I love me some robots. robot sucker here.
Instead of Buy It Now, can I have Buy it Duh!

This is spiffy. Kind of nostalgic.

Don’t know if I’ll buy it, but I do really like it. Congrats to the artist. :slight_smile:

So, can somebody explain how Woot comes up with their number for the Friend’s Link? Yesterday was 6510 and today it’s 6508. Most of the time the numbers are in some sort of chronological order, but not always. Also, the numbers skip ahead quite a few at a time. So, any insight into that?

This reminds me too much of the movie “Big” as the robot idea that got turned down.

very cool/cute design. this is one of the many to add to the list of shirts that are not necessarily good (for me) to wear as a shirt. however, i guess having the option now to print out the image is pretty sweet; it definitely gives more meaning to the piece of work the artist did.

congrats to the artist as well. job well done

i would never see this and think, ‘oh, that’s christmas.’

i think it’s different and a refreshing color combination. let’s look outside the normal boundaries of color combos sometimes! it’s fun.

I wish my son was a lot younger as this shirt looks fun …especially with the printout to go with it. He is 25 now and has a great since of humor which is why I buy lots of these Woot-shirts for him. I am on the fence myself for this one though. I think maybe if it wasn’t printed so large on the shirt itself I may have bought it. Very cute idea though.

I love the pink/green combo, and awesome design! My second woot, yayy!

this shirt is insanely awesome!!! Insta buy for me!!!

I’ll pass, but when I first saw it, it reminded me of LRG for some reason.

I really like the green and pink combo, but I’m unsure because 1) there’s a derby shirt I really want to get this weekend and 2) I’m not big on robots. But really cool-looking and well done. Also, if that’s what I’m thinking, an I, Robot, reference, nice job.

Yea i can see where your coming from. I hate how LRG fell off. I love the pieces I have from last year so comfortable and their sweaters are top notch IMO and I can’t wait till it gets colder so that I can wear them again. Their designs now a days are too out there for me it was better when they had like like or earth tones and what not, not all these bright colors and weird designs.

The shirt looks awesome…Would get it if it wasn’t in green

I like it, but… I don’t think it expresses itself as a tshirt well. The crisp digital image is bomb though.

Gee, I don’t think so. The robots are well done, but overall the design isn’t that cute - plus having the road spell out R-O-B-O-T is overdoing it. Next.

This shirt is precisely on the level of: If it’s still available when I get to work tomorrow morning, I’m going to buy it. Either way, it’s pretty great.

With the word ‘robot’ right there, it becomes a kid’s shirt to me.