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Condition: New

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awesome mop. it even does the dishes

Bed time!

wow… first buyer bought 3! thats the spirit!

what the freak is this and what have you done with my box of caterpillars?

Blanket of cowboy has been posted… Go back and look

Yo! Mop THIS!!!

Stilll goooinngggggg~

At first I was glad that the monkey wasn’t the end of the woot off and I could go to bed. I’m probably going to go to bed anyway given all this crap that’s being slowly dished out.

BOC next!

aka “The poor-mans Roomba”

… but the next one could be the BOC. YOU CAN NEVER LEAVE!!!

In for 3 …uh never-mind.

This would be an excellent way to make your dog more neurotic.

…will drive your cat INSANE!

We all just have to soldier on. Woot offs are more fun than work anyway.

Must get RoboMop.