Roboni-i Gaming Robot

somone in Washington really likes Roboni robots…


I’ve yet to meet the chap who says “man, I can’t find that Gaming Robot anywhere”.

next up a dyson!! Then a $500 knife set, I’m gonna have to ask for an increase in my unemployment benifits if I’m to participate in this woot off…

heh cool AND deadly…sweeeet.

Projected Time Remaining: 25hr 4min


how is this a robot? looks more like an RC car to me.

Projected Time Remaining: 25hr 4min


can you load linux on this puppy?

yes its an Iphone transport device forget your iphone in your room simply take out the remote and then drive your iphone to yourself!

Wootalyzer says 1d 1hr to sell out lol

According to my wootalizer, I can take a 16 hour 39 min 10 sec nap on this one.

Only 18 hours, 1 min to go!

the bar has not moved at all

the bar has not moved at all

Oh dear. There seem to be a lot of these. Someone should call Kate Gosselin and Octomom and tell them to buy their kids these.

If people are buying these why hasn’t the bar moved?

I’ve always wondered, why on the map that shows where people are buying the item, is there a white dot in the middle of Missouri?

Official WO Killer - wooters – said 28hrs to sold out.

I bet this will work when you take the batery out 2 XD