Roboni-i Gaming Robot

This again…

Haha shirt fakeout!

Somebody hit the wrong button?

This won’t try to kill me will it?

welp, that was one way to send traffic over to shirt.woot…


Wow! Lunch today at woot must have been a frozen hot pocket swallowed whole!

A bait and switch, Woot? I was all happy there for a moment my meeting would only having me missing shirts. BOO!

This wootoff is hilarious!

lol that was funny* those shirts lol

I guess the shirts were some sort of woot-off version of a pop up ad?

wootus interruptus.

I’ll take 3

Hmpphhh, that was too quick, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a return visit to the 12 “holiday gift” shirts after this item.

I’ll take 3

This is so stupid it should b a shirt.

…stuck a mod chip in his head and called it a Roboni

…someone might have just got fired…

Weirder stuff has happened in the past. At least we didn’t waste an hour sitting there staring at that thing…