RoboRaptor Platinum Edition Robotic Dinosaur

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Whoa! Scary!


ROFL. Srsly?


RoboRaptor Platinum Edition Robotic Dinosaur

  • $5 shipping

they had these on amazon yesterday as the gold box


i want it bad give it to me

Ahhhhh wheres the BOC


Someone take one for the team and buy 3!!!


already have one, next

Oh God! A Dinosaur! Seriously! Gahh!

woot crap…

No matter which tracker you choose, please use a Woot Off Tracker during this Woot Off to reduce the load on the Woot servers. It’ll make everything run much more smoothly and the servers won’t be quite as bad off when that BOC shows up :slight_smile:

I offer two - one is running a new modded version of DarkStar’s tracker and the other is running the older, proven version of the Woot Off Tracker:


Due to the overwhelming popularity of these trackers (several million pageviews and over 40,000 unique hosts per day), the sites may become slow at times. In the event that it is too slow for you, I would recommend checking out DarkStar’s original site and mirror:

IRCMaxell also offers a stable tracker: