Roborock H6 Adapt Cordless Stick Vacuum

Roborock H6 Adapt Cordless Stick Vacuum

Anyone have one? Is it any good? Only seeing the H7 on Amazon to find reviews…

I bought two of these and I love them. You can’t beat them at this price. Very light and powerful.

Walmart has mixed reviews selling at $249

Anyone know how long a charge will last when using this?

I have only used it for smaller (not full house) cleaning, and the charge has always lasted fine. It self adjusts the suction to the surface/dirt, or you can chose high (which I do and it picks up everything). I compared this to the Dyson Animal, and it was very close in many features, for a fraction of the cost. AND its lighter by 50%. I also have 2 Roborock robot vacs and I am very happy with them as well.

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I bought this on a previous Woot! offering for the same price as today. It looks really cool! I assembled it and took it out for a test in my living room that I share with three cats. The vacuum works really well on bare porcelain tile. It picked up all the cat hair and crumbs that me and the kitties tend to leave behind. I don’t know about the rug surfaces. It seemed to bog down a bit and the roller brush stopped a couple times when it met too much resistance. I would say it did a good job on the rug but an even better job on bare floor. All together I ran the vacuum for about 20 minutes. The battery indicator displayed 70% battery life left when I was done. The battery didn’t heat up too much and I did pause several times while vacuuming.
I had a bit of trouble disconnecting the dirt reservoir to empty after vacuuming. I think it’s just a learning curve issue. I didn’t take time to read the instructions and so fiddled around trying to get it disconnected. Hopefully that won’t be an issue next time. Perhaps reading the instructions would be time well spent.
All in all, and with little experience with this vacuum, I would preliminarily say it’s good. I don’t regret buying it and would recommend it to other people I know. What is troubling, but is my own fault for not researching, is the ability to purchase a new battery when the time comes. This seems to be a discontinued model but hopefully the battery is the same as the new model and available to purchase.

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Are there cheap replacements for the top filter and HEPA filter?

Did anyone else get a UPS Ship notification? I got one from ZMZ Global in New Jersey - 14 pounds. No idea what else it could be. Shipped on the 7th - and woot status still says preparing for shipment.

we’re probably waiting to get tracking back from our vendor. :slight_smile:

Ahh - well I just wasn’t sure if it WAS Woot or not, so I’m guessing it is?