Robosapien Remote Control Robot


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Official Woot Price: $63.25


Reviews 1, 2.


whoooo first post! quite a deal, everywhere i see this is $100


yes, but can it mow the yard?


Won’t mow the yard but it may just scare the heck out of the cat! :o


i’ve been waiting up for that?! it’s 1 in the morning and tommorow is my first day of school and i still have a lot of gaming to get done tonight. silly friggin robot


No, but it can dance! I have one of these robots, they’re so much fun to play with. Especially if you have house pets.


i used to havea robot called a RAD and it had treads like a tank and yelled a lot of stuff and you could talk into a mic and it’d talk and annoy my parents. also, if you put a pop can in its hands then press the close hands button he could hold it. wow


Is it a coincidence that there was a link to a demo of this item posted in the Robomower comment section just last week?


not so hot.
i will pass it.


Hehe, entirely too frivolous to justify 68 bucks. Good deal though.


[quote user=“rainman”]i’ve been waiting up for that?! it’s 1 in the morning and tommorow is my first day of school and i still have a lot of gaming to get done tonight. silly friggin robot[/quote] :x Me 2


yeah, i noticed that too…

seems planted, but i have to say i just got done watching the videos and this truely is a neat little machine for only 63 bucks. i might puchase it if there are any left tomorrow morning.


Man…If I knew my wife wouldn’t get pissed off. :stuck_out_tongue:


it’s too expensive for a toy.


My wife would kill me or just have me suffer the lack of something else. I need a plan! How not to get caught… :twisted:


I haven’t heard anything back from Woot! yet after an initial email, but I won one of these guys last week from the Engadget sign up deal. If they are shipping these to winners with 3 day Fed-Ex, then I should be getting mine tomorrow. I’ll have to see how my cat likes it when I finally get it.

And Woot!, if you happen to have any processors or mobos laying around that you need to get off your hands, I’m in need of an upgrade.


>it’s too expensive for a toy

I’ve had the luck to work with some robotic laboratory instrumentation.

My impression regarding this robot is that it is unique with respect to it’s articulation
abilities. In time it might become a collectable but I can’t say for sure. Only that
my impression is that I am impressed with its ability to not fall over. See the movies
for an explaination of my statement. I believe is the first
one to look at for the best look at the robot.

The inventor has incorporated some pretty interesting calculations or design to
keep the robot on its feet… Also it incorporates electric generation from the dc
motors to increase the run time. That is when the arm or other part moves
due to gravity or inertia the motors are used as generators to recharge the batteries
and increase the run time. The batteries still require to be changed as you use
the device and they’re alkaline batteries to the best of my knowlege.

I’ve spent about an hour reading about the robot and watching the movies.

If it actually did something I would buy it. But unfortunately it doesn’t actually do
much useful work.



knew I had seen this before: I wonder if it could stay up and watch woot for me. good night everyone.


I saw these at Best Buy a couple of weeks ago. I almost bought one then, I’m glad I didn’t. I just got 3 of them, one for me, two as presents. Yippee I am so happy. I can’t wait to get mine. Hopefully they get here before I go on vacation.