Robosapien Remote Control Robot


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Robosapien Remote Control Robot
The first interactive biomorphic pet robot
For yourself or for a lucky kid on your shopping list.

$63.25 + $5 Shipping and Handling


And todays woot:

G’Night, waiting for tomorrow -noflaming!


First? Maybe.

A robosapian. FINALLY, not a promotion. $63.25… great price. They must have a wootload of these.
I don’t really need one, though. Not for me.

EDIT: Ok, I guess it’s not such a great price. froogle’s lowest price just turns up expensive NICs, HDs, and things without pictures


Finally managed to sign up… not getting in on this; I don’t have the spare money for neat toys… Oh well.


Again? Or perhaps a better deal would be a free speaker set with every 10 robosapiens orders. Costco is selling them for $69.99.


[quote user=“SubFreeze”]And todays woot:


G’Night, waiting for tomorrow -noflaming![/quote]

LOL!!! :smiley: see you tomorrow night everyone.




I wish I knew that the $51.99 at Fry’s was a great price, then I would have bought some and resold them :confused: I passed it up thinking they were cheaper


Coming off a woot! high from scoring on the dell speaker deal last week, I was about ready to spend more cash on whatever might have been thrown my way today.

As much as I want a robot to treat as my son (I’m impotent), as much as I want a robot to be my wife (I’m ugly and selfish in bed), and as much as I want to create my own little robot army to bring down the orthodontics industry (No, I’m not British, I’m an anti-dentite) I can’t bring myself to buy one. In the future, robots will be tax-deductable anyways.


Nice woot why couldn’t you of had this on my payday?

wait some one just threw me a link*UuTCstCKqI5xezz9eBNhQ
get it in crome if you want!


has anyone played w/ one? how is it? i saw it @ fry’s the other day and it looked fun. too bad i wasnt allowed to test drive one.

//krunk (^_^x)


i would flame this deal, but I can’t be mad. I just bought the Dell 5.1 speaker set the other day so I’m still happy.


Holy shit they were sold out in 6 minutes… HAHAHA


You guys STILL have these?!


WTF? They’re not out…


I hope you meant the speakers…these are going to be around at least untiil the afternoon.


oops… hmm after i put my order in it said sold out at the bottom… woops =X

nite nite




Speaks fluent international ‘caveman’

I want one.