Hey, where’s the shiny metal ass?

Gritty saber teeth and good job with the ominous shading…

I’m going to name mine, Snaggletooth McBenderson.

Nice teeth :slight_smile:

Congrats on the win! Excellent job!

Wow ! Congrats Flattop ! Great job on Robot head !

I’M BACK, BABY! Grats on the print Frankie- I love your catalog- darker than most.

Congrats, Frankie!

Congrats on nabbing a print, Frank!

Awesome!!! I’m still in shock. Hopefully I’ve made Lemmy proud! A huge THANK YOU to everyone…

Hells yes! Congrats FTF!

I still am annoyed over you-know-what, but this is too good to pass up. Congrats on the win, FTF!

This is great! Well done and congrats on the deserved win.

Im a huge metal fan and like the design but is there a meaning behind New New York as opposed to just New york? Does Robot Head have double meaning? Curious

New New York is the locale where Futurama is centered around. The robot is a homage to Bender.

Thank you for this shirt. This is my husband’s new favorite shirt, as he is from New York, likes Futurama, and would like to make a new Pastafarian sect that believes that Lemmy is one with the FSM. A few more arms on Bender or other homage to the FSM would be the only thing that could’ve made this shirt more awesome.