Robot Heart

Congrats on your first official woot shirt acraigl

Lord Bowen was #1, I was #2. Congrats, Acraigl!!

Thanks guys, for the support!
I have 4 in my cart right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

getting mine now!

I got Warshington on the map…

(though I usually wear tshirts with a pocket, so I can put my readers in it)…

CONGRATS on the great shirt!

Thanks Dave! Whoohoo!
Funny, you’d think Kansas would have been on there by now.

You’re still the last one to buy … seven total. LB, me, Dave, and ACL with 4 of 'em. LOL! The color for the stats doesn’t match the names/states, though.

It’s actually more than that… I saw someone named kmkat or something buy one. I think it’s 10 shirts in total at this point.

Haha, should be retiring by the end of the week.

Let us know when you buy your own island.

edit… Do you get something from your shirt sales? $$$?

As an honorable mention I receive $1 per shirt sold. Winners that place get $2 per shirt plus a $200 one time payment.

tl;dr “Don’t quit your day job!”

Just got mine!