Robot Revolution

Beautiful. I love that there’s such a wide variety of bots included while still being pleasing to the eye. Not sure I can identify them all, though. Let’s see…

In the red foreground we’ve got Chappie, HELPeR from Venture Bros (Bonus points!) holding aloft BB-8, Threepio & Artoo, RoboCop, that irritating robot from Power Rangers that I can’t be bothered to Google the name of, Baymax from Big Hero 6, Marvin the Paranoid Android, an old school Cylon with a Sentinel from The Matrix hovering above it, a T-800 Terminator, a surprisingly scary Rosie from the Jetsons, Robot B-9 from Lost In Space, and of course my main bot Bender B. Rodriguez, who appears to have taken a shotgun blast to his shiny metal face.

In the white background I see Ultron, Optimus Prime, a giant robot I can’t identify but is disappointingly not the Iron Giant (Too good-hearted to turn on humanity, I guess?), and maybe the Russian jaeger from Pacific Rim? Can somebody fill in my blanks?

Thanks for examening it so closely.

Those were supposed to be the Iron Giant and a Pacific Rim jaeger but their silhouettes didn’t look very interesting and adding more distinguishing details to their faces just took the focus away from the rest of the robots.

Also, I wanted some random old-school looking robots, so I just made those two into hybrids. (Now, I wish that I didn’t.)

Thanks again!

Wow, that might be the first time I ever accurately identified everything on a design like this! What do I win? And your reasoning makes perfect sense to me; the big retro bots in the back just cut a better silhouette. And clearly your original intention still comes through, at least to this nerd.

Definitely buying one. It helps that it’s red, too. I have more than enough black and slate tees.

I wish it had Johnny Sokko’s flying robot but this is a very cool shirt!

Oh, man! That one would have been a perfect silhouette.

Thanks again!
No prize this time, but I do think you totally deserve one.