Robot Vacuums Will One Day Rule the World

Hey I have one of the xv-12’s and it’s fantastic, 1000 times better than the roomba, but that’s all been discussed before.

I’m wondering if anyone here has gotten the pet upgrade kit or whatever, and can you talk about if theres any marked improvement? would this make an xv-12 essentially like the other ‘pet/allergy’ model? Just curious.

Yes if you get the pet and allergy upgrade kit then your xv-12 that you own would be the same as the xv-21 pet model ( other than the purple plastic on the top )

Hi! I’m trying to figure out what is the difference between the Neato xv21 pet & allergy vac vs. the Neato xv11 with the pet allergy kit… aside from price and color! Is the 21 really worth $55 more than the 11? Thanks!

Had the XV-12 and now own the XV-21. The pet/allergy filter makes all the difference.

If you take the plunge and purchase, be sure to check the Neato website for the latest firmware that may not be on the unit (3.1)

Firmware Update:

Hey, get one of these things! I’ve had one for a couple years and they’re fine. My floors use to be
FIFTY SHADES OF GREY but with a scooba, it will keep a clean floor clean. I mean, it you’re a real pig and leave crap all over, it won’t pick up the big stuff, but it’s great at keeping things neat. Oh Greg, your floors are so clean…sigh!

I too have the same Q on the pricing here. Not following why the the X-11 would be less than 21 or 12 unless it had something todo with recent groupon ?

Also wondering if XV-21 comes with both brushes as per usual package or only comes with the non Pet brush as pictured?

“Neato Robotics currently has four models on the market: the original XV-11 (green), the European and Malaysian XV-15 (blue), the XV-12 (white) and the XV-21 (purple). Despite the different model names and colors, all three 1x (11, 12, and 15) robots are identical, except that the plug at the end of the power cord varies depending on the locale.
In March of 2012, Neato Robotics announced its Neato XV-21, a refinement of the earlier models, which is white but has a purple laser head and dust bin cover. This model is designed for pet owners or people with allergies, and features a combination bristle brush/silicone flap beater in a swirl formation and a new pleated filter which is claimed to remove up to 3 times as much dirt as the original filter before clogging. However, none of the Neato vacuum filters are HEPA, including filters for the XV-21 model (as of June 2012). Owners of previous models can upgrade to the new beater and filter hardware for a cost of around US$60, and are also recommended to have the most recent system firmware.”

Interesting question/point, I’m not sure there is any price discrepancy or issue, Google Shopping seems to come up with the relevant price differences.

also; the XV-21 that we’re selling has the following:

In the Box:

Neato XV-21 Pet and Allergy Robot Vacuum
Charging Station
Charging Cable
6’ Boundary Marker
(2) Brushes
User Guide
Quick Start Guide

Save shipping and buy it on ebay

I love my Neato so much (and I’m really embarrassed every time it runs and I see how much dirt it picks up!) and the pet/allergy upgrade was worth every penny! It’s so much better at picking up my long hair and my shedding pooch’s fur. Unfortunately, mine has stopped returning to its base (it’ll either get lost somewhere in the house or will die about a foot and a half away from the charging station) so I’m hoping that their customer service is as amazing as woot’s!

The brush is great. I don’t know if it’s honestly any better than the original rubber “blades” but it seems to be. One thing I also noticed though is that it’s quiter. The old ones made more of a hum on hard floors, but since these are softer bristles, that is no more!

Mine has done this too! I’ve run it 3-4 times since the upgrade and sometimes it’s fine, but last week, yeah, it was going all over the place trying to return. I even paused it, put it down 2’ from the base, and resumed it, and it still ended up across the room confused.

I would like to purchase one of these, but WOW, totally confused, the XV12 comes with bonus filters, the XV11 comes with the pet kit and no bonus filters and the XV21 comes with what?

I love my neato and I am thinking of getting the kit for the quiet and extra filter.
Does anyone have a scooba? Do you have to vacuum before you scooba? I am thinking of getting one for my grandparents who have linoleum floors. Will it leave the floors slippery? They have had a few falls recently and I don’t want to help with cleaning, but send one to the ER.

[QUOTE=Cindy Kelly, post:13, topic:377856]
Does anyone have a scooba? Do you have to vacuum before you scooba? …Grandparents… have linoleum floors. Will it leave the floors slippery?/quote]

I have had a Scooba for several years. You don’t have to vacuum before using, but it does help if you do. The Scooba will pick up and catch dirt in its filter. It helps to have a laundry tub or someplace to clean it after use and to fill the supply tank.

There is a special cleaning solution from Clorox available for the Scooba. It is diluted for use and does not leave the floors slippery. Alternatively, you can also use white vinegar diluted with water as a cleaning solution.

The features I dislike about the Scooba is how difficult it can sometimes be to open the top for access to the tanks. They made this nonintuitive as you push down hard on the handle you use to pick the machine up while the machine is resting on a hard surface to release the top and tanks. Sometimes it is not so easy to get it to release.

The other feature I don’t like is the battery life issue. The Scooba uses a different style battery than other iRobot units. The unit is meant to be used fairly frequently and left on the charger (so you need to have a place to store and charge it.) There are a lot of complaints about battery life, how to store and charge and more than a little misunderstanding of what is best. You are supposed to leave it plugged in most of the time, but if you are not going to use it for an extended period, you are supposed to charge the battery and remove it from the unit. The Scooba battery as supplied by iRobot is NiMH. Apparently the worst thing you can do for the battery is to leave it in the unit and off the charger for an extended period of time. In any case, a good investment is a second battery to have on hand. There are a number of aftermarket suppliers who can readily beat the iRobot price for a new or replacement battery, including higher capacity Li-ion batteries.

It cleans well and runs quietly. It will not leave a hard surface for a carpet or rug, which is a good thing.

Unlike mopping, it puts down fresh cleaning solution and vacuums it up to the waste tank instead of just swishing around a dirty mop head. It leaves the floors slightly damp, but not wet. They usually dry quicker than if they had been mopped.

It will work on hardwood floors, but it is not recommended for use on hardwood unless the floors have been sealed.

A less expensive alternative is a Swifter mop. A more expensive alternative is a floor/carpet scubber, which though manual will clean the heck out of a hard surface floor. A more labor intensive alternative is a conventional mop, which is why most people hate mopping more than just about any other chore except washing windows.

Scooba…today the floors…tomorrow the windows!

I remember when woot didn’t used to be vacuum whores and only sold Roomba!

Breaking it down for you guys!!

XV-11: comes with the $59.99 msrp pet and allergy upgrade kit which includes 1 pet/allergy filter and 1 pet/allergy brush.

You can use the pet and allergy brush on the xv-11 or you can use the normal brushes and filter on the xv-11.

XV-12: comes with the extra normal accessories listed in the ad which are some extra normal filters and extra blades for the normal brush.

XV-21: This is the pet and allergy model out of the box it does not come with any extra accessories. In the retail box you get the pet and allergy filter and brush.

The best value is the xv-11 at $254 with the pet and allergy upgrade kit free.

However for some of you who just hate the color of it or want to “own the highest model # that neato makes” then pay the extra $45 and get the xv-21.

It is personal preference with the color… xv-11 = green vs the xv-21 white/purple…

Anyone have any suggestions on where to get the best price on the pet allergy filter replacements?

Also, for those thinking about buying these… They are the dumbest smart machines on earth. Not even smart enough to get itself out of an area once it’s stuck. It also loses some power after the first couple of uses. The first couple went great, it was able to get under my coffee table which is a tight fit. It was able to get over the legs on some cheap chairs I have. It can’t do those anymore. It quits, beeps, and shutsdown. The EXACT situations it was able to do it’s first couple of cleanings. So buyer beware. Great at first, loses way more than 1/2 it’s value after 2 cleanings.

Yes it does. I have long hair, a 16 month old, AND a German Shepherd Dog and the upgrade kit picks up everything we can dish out on the floor. My models are xv-11’s and the upgrade kits were a really worthwhile investment.

Also If you buy a new Neato from here or somewhere other than Neato’s website, you can still purchase their extended warranty from them.

Eh, if it’s that recent from when you purchased it, you may want to contact Neato. That or perhaps you have some really confusing furniture and tight spaces?

I’ve had mine since the beginning of September and have run it once a week since. I would say that about 90% of the time, it does fine. Runs, returns to base to recharge, goes back to finish, and docks again with no problems.

Have the scooba and love it! My only problem was that I didn’t keep it plugged in and charging. The batteries do not like this. Keep them charging while not in use!

I bought spare parts and let my husband take it to work so he can clean the floors that the custodial crew won’t touch.

I have not had to vacuum before running the scooba, even when I dropped the bottle of beer on the floor. I just got the big pieces of glass and let the little scooba do it’s thing. Wonderful!

With 3 long-haired cats and 1 long haired person it is a wonderful thing to have! My floors have never looked better!