Robot Zombies!

Another ubertastic design from patrickspens, and not his typical work either. The shadows and colors make it look real…but it can’t be…right? I just hope all the dark stuff prints well.

If human zombies eat brains, what do robot zombies eat? o_O

It’s a pretty awesome shirt really (:


What do I care if that robot lives or dies? This is clearly well after the robots have slaughtered the entire human race.

We had vampire everything, then zombie everything. I feel like robots are probably the next big thing.

Patrickspens: trendsetter!

Perhaps the only case AGAINST recycling?

This is probably relevant:

(Flight of the Conchords)

looks like they kicked the bucket-head

Apparently humans won’t be around when the much talked about zombie apocolapse happens.

I didn’t know computer viruses could spread through bites.

I glanced at the title quickly and thought it said Rob Zombie - started humming Dragula.

Thanks everyone! go kill some zombie robots!!!

to me it looks like a robot mosh pit

The Clanking Dead!

It’s obvious that this is one of those viruses that is spread by bytes.

I imagine they are all groaning, “OIL CANNNNNNNNN”.


This looks like a metal concert gone terribly wrong!

When I first saw this print I was pretty sure it would get first or second.

Awesome twist on the Zombie idea Patrick. Congrats on the print.