Robotic Floorcare: Be Clean

Whats he difference between the XV Signature here and the one on amazon that is $15 cheaper?

The Signature VX (amazon link) comes with only the blade brush and 1 filter.

The Signature Pro (woot selling) comes with the blade brush and pet brush as well as 2 filters.

The Amazon link you posted has a chart of the differences:

As a Roomba owner, They’re wonderful, unless you have a lot of hair on your floors. I bought one for my house and it did ok, but you end up spending more time digging hair out of the brushes than you would vacuuming, and it sometimes gets stuck due to the fibers tangling between brushes.

I ended up taking it to work, where it does great. We run it every night when we leave and then just have to dump the canister when we get back in the morning.

We have the XV-21 and love it. The pet model has plastic blades instead of a brush specifically so it will not jam up with hair.

This is the problem the Roomba 880 was designed to address. So far it’s unfortunately quite expensive and only available from iRobot’s online store.

And… for those curious about all the 1’s and 0’s in the Woot! Plus page description. It’s “Be clean” in ASCII. I was secretly hoping it would be a address to a special bag.

I happen to own both a roomba (scuba 430) and a neato XV pro. I had a romba vac (780) for a few weeks and replaced it with the neato.

The neato is much smarter and more powerful than the roomba. it cleans in a pattern back and forth and like you would vacuum not random like the roomba. Its smart and uses its “vision” to scan the room and get the areas.

My house is about 3000sqft. total. Upstairs all carpet downstairs all hardwood. Upstairs the Neato runs everyday while we are gone. (it takes 2 charges to clean the 1500sqft altho the 2nd charge is just needed to clean half of the last room its smart and goes back to charge then goes back to where it last stopped and finishes the job on its own then goes back to the base to charge.) Downstairs I run the scooba 430 every 2-3 days. It requires you to manually fill it up and empty it. It has a “vacuum/sweeper” that is “designed” to pick up small dirt prior to laying down the cleaning water. It does a good job but its not ideal for our 1500sqft hardwoods. Needless to say even tho the scooba is good it requires a lot of tending to and while good for the kitchen and nook not to good for overall daily cleaning. For better daily cleaning downstairs im buying another neato today.

Actually it’s binary. ASCII has 128 characters I believe. Binary has two. Ones and zeros.

/da da da daaaa. The more you know . . . .

I’ve had both the Roomba and the Neato. The Roomba required a fair bit of maintenance - cleaning the rollers and wheels - but it worked much better than the Neato. The Neato is CONSTANTLY getting stuck. It gets underneath my cabinet and can’t get out, it gets under my treadmill and gets stuck, it goes up the foot of a stand and gets stuck, … I’ve got a 1/2" thick area rug and it even gets stuck on the edge of that. Gets stuck 90% of the time.

While you are both right, he is more right. Converted from binary to ASCII, that is what the binary string means.

Go here if you want to learn more.

It does occasionally get lost/stuck (maybe 1 out of 10 times), but otherwise it does just fine. We have a 2,500 sq. ft. ranch with almost all tile. It manages to clean the whole thing while we are away at work during the day, even getting up on the thicker area rug.
What makes it worth the investment is the amount of dirt and cat hair it manages to get every day. My allergies have actually improved because we weren’t really diligent about vacuuming, and this makes it easy. Goodbye tumbleweeds!

The reason we got the Neato over the Roomba was the fact that it “remembers” where it left off. With such a large space, I didn’t want to have to section off portions of the house. In fact, it would have been impossible to do so easily with our open floor plan. If you have a large, single-story area, hate vacuuming, and don’t leave clutter or cords lying around, then Neato is for you. The only con really is that using the “pet” brush on the tile makes it too loud to really do anything in the room while it is running, especially if you already have issues with echoing in your home. However, this is simply remedied by simply programming it to run while you are away.

Hmmm, I guess I misapplied to where the ASCII was being referred to.


I have an XV Pro. She just rocks. Consuela cleans my house M-F at 10am. She doesn’t choke on the golden retriever hair, but sometimes gets stuck on walls with rugs close to them or a dog toy. If you’re battling fleas, this is an excellent way to vacuum them up!

I bought a NEW Neato XV-21 less than a year ago. Battery is now not holding full charge. Asks to be re-charged after 5 minutes of running. Don’t know if it’s the battery or the internal circuit that’s faulty.

On the other hand, a Roomba which I bought 5 (!) years ago still works like new.

I bought the Neato only because it has a built-in sensor that prevents it from falling off the stairs. Thought it would be better than Roomba but from my personal experience, it’s not.

Neato’s Customer Service is above the best I’ve ever had. Granted, if the Vac. had worked the first time, I wouldn’t know them on a first name basis, but then the replacement became glitchy and they sent me a third one, AND IT WORKS LIKE THEY SHOULD.
I think it’s a firmware issue with the units that Woot sold, but again who am I?
English customer support and everything you need is in Milpitas Ca.