Robotic Housekeepers

Finally the Botvacs have found their way to Woot! I wish all models were available, though.

Has anybody here tried the new Neato BV robovacs? I have 2 XV’s and love them, but I’m curious of how much the newer ones have improved.

The XV-12 is on sale for $199 at However, I think they’ve been around a while. I had to replace my old Neato, so I ordered the XV-12 from Walmart. The bather does not run long so I contact Neato and they are sending me a new battery.

The botvac seems very expensive to me for only an extra inch of cleaning.

I have the XV-21, love it. If you even think you might need one, get it

I bought my wife the XV Signature pro a couple weeks ago when they were on woot. I gave it to her as an early Christmas present. We absolutely love it the thing. It vacuums better than our standard upright. The living room was vacuumed the day before we got it. We charged it and let it vacuum the living room and were shocked at all the pet hair and dirt it pulled out of the carpet. I would recommend it to anybody to be honest. I went ahead and got the square trade extended warranty also just in case. It also does great on our hardwood floors.

Botvac 70e MSRP is $479 as per Neato Website.

Where does 599.99 list price come from?

We purchased this unit a couple months ago when Woot! had it on.

We. Love. It.

We call him Roger. Roger works a few hours every night while we sleep. In the morning, no matter how “clean” the floors of the house seemed, Roger has picked up all manner of dust, sand, hair, dirt, crud etc. Roger has even picked up pennies from our hardwood floor. He sucks! In a good way.

The only issues we have ever had with Roger is that he will occasionally get stuck–either wedged under furniture or (more often), he’ll ride up onto a floor lamp or high chair base or something else that gets his wheels off the ground. Then he just makes an annoying beep until you rescue him.

But 9/10 times, he runs perfectly and is happily back in his base come morning time. Roger has changed our lives!

I’m just going to wait for a Dyson. It will be out soon.

Which model did you purchase?

Yes, but rumored to be $1200.

And it looks taller than most others.

Definitely get the warranty. I bought an XV-21 refurb for $180 and my wife and I loved it. Unfortunately, it died in a few months (the pop-up laser wouldn’t work). My wife did some Web searching and found that this was a common problem. She also found that Neato wasn’t very good at replacing/fixing their vacuums, so she didn’t try (despite my asking her to try).

I noticed the XV-S Signature does not say anything about a docking station in the box only the robot… does one come with it?

I have the XV-21. It does a very good job cleaning. I am comparing it to the Roomba I had prior to this (although it was the original base model Roomba so not exactly apples to apples). Either way, it seems more intelligent and has a much stronger vacuum.

That said, here are the cons. The batteries are terrible. Ours became unusable after only a very short time. It sat unused for a year, then I replaced the batteries recently with an upgraded version and these aren’t a whole lot better. I use “batteries” in the plural sense, meaning if you think you are buying 2 batteries to have one as a backup, you are not… it uses 2 batteries. The other issue is that it only finds its way back to the base about half of the time. It also will get stuck if you don’t plan ahead and make your space more vacuum friendly. It does not get close to walls, furniture etc., so you have to sweep things out a bit for it to pick them up.

That said, I would recommend this vacuum. Beware of the batteries, but I think that issue plagues most electronics. This is not a good price though, I would look elsewhere. I purchased mine over 2 years ago for the same price, when it was the current model.

Yes, it comes with the docking station.

Gah!!! I was waiting for THIS SALE for months, until I finally decided that it wasn’t going to happen and picked up a refurb XV-21 on Amazon a month ago. Why Woot? Why did you have to taunt me this way!?!?

My XV-21 has been great, by the way. I have a cat that sheds and I do a lot of sewing, and it cleans my floors way better than I ever did.

This isn’t even a deal. NEW at Target

[MOD: They’re $349 for the XV-S and we’re $279.]

Floors, Check! Now do they have any robots that will clean the toilet?

I purchased the XV-21 a few months ago on woot. It has been a blessing in my house. We have a black lab who sheds like it’s hi job (and, I suppose, it sort of is) and our robot keeps his fur from turning into tumbleweeds around all the baseboards and under every piece of furniture. It doesn’t get right up to the baseboards and it doesn’t fit under the couch but it has seriously reduced our need to hand vacuum the place.

It has gotten stuck on cords and table legs with wide bases, so there was some robot-proofing necessary. Well worth it, in my opinion. Once you learn what needs done it is easy to do it every time.

Our robot has gotten itself lost in the middle of a room, and has thrown an error saying “please clear my path” when nothing is in the way. Overall, even with having to periodically rescue it, I’m very glad to have the neato to vacuum the house. Bonus, it has even picked up dead roaches so I don’t have to.

We have hardwood in the house with a few rugs and linoleum in the kitchen.

I’m very happy with my neato and am purchasing one for my in-laws for Christmas this year.