Robotic Robots That Robot

I have the Signature Pro…it’s name is Alfred, I love it! It does a real thorough job of cleaning up the copious amounts of fur my dog leaves behind!

Adding my 2 cents…

The NEATO robots are the Cadillac of robotic vacuums. Those roombas are p.o.s.'s compared to these. Efficient (who gives a $*Y# about random patterns like the roomba that makes it take forever!), scans the room then plans the route then vacuums it quickly. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!

Ni-MH battery?

Will not buy.

Also a Neato owner for the past 2 yrs., And still amaaaazed
at the LIDAR (laser radar) it uses to paint itself a picture of the whole room and then plans to subdivide it into smaller sections.
So cool.

We were kind of worried and disappointed about that too but still decided to buy one.
Had it for about a week now and so far it’s been pretty good.
It will usually last for at least an hour so run-time is pretty good IMHO.
We have a very large area for it to clean so it usually has to go back and charge before it finishes but who cares because you can schedule it while your gone to work and it’s done when you return.

Can’t believe how much crap it picks up. We use the rubber brush (not the one with the bristles) and it works good on our tile floors. We use this brush because we have cats and didn’t want the hair getting wrapped up in the bristle brush.
However it does make a lot of noise because of the rubber flaps that hit the floor. When it goes over carpet, it’s much quieter. But the rubber flaps don’t clean the carpet quite as well which is too be expected.

It has however gotten lost once and didn’t return to the charge station. Not sure what happened there.

I have the Scooba 390, from 2006. I just replaced the battery this year. Very un-Roomba-like. But still- that is the one and only problem that Scooba has had in its lifetime. And I was actually all prepared to buy a whole new one (because I love it so much) and tech support at iRobot did such a great job of trouble shooting, without me even asking (I was inquiring about if the old blue cleaning solution would work in the little mini-Scooba, because I was replacing the old one, and they wanted to know why) that I ended up just replacing the battery (and buying mini Scooba anyway).

I am VERY disappointed in mine. It lasted a little over a year, therefore is completely out of warranty. The bad news is the customer service is TERRIBLE. They have NO means of fixing this unit at my expense. They consider this $300 vacuum disposable. DO NOT BUY!

I picked up the XV-12 last time it was on woot and what can I say, it’s freakin awesome. Programming it is easy. It does a great job. It comes with everything you will need for awhile (great, complete kit).

I will say this, it does take 2-3 runs to “learn”, but its no worry. The first run it died before it could make it back to the base, the second run it had to charge halfway through vacuuming my apartment, then the 3rd time it finished my whole apartment in 1 charge and returned home with no issue.

I have the base under my TV stand, you can’t even tell its there.