Roboticize Your Cleaning

How does this work on laminate? Is it good for dog hair?

This is a scooba, not a roomba, so its more of a motorized mop than a vacuum.

It DOES NOT handle hair of any sort, you will have wanted to vacuum before using this. Perhaps you can purchase both a roomba and a scooba and run them in order :slight_smile:

It also depends a lot on the type of laminate you’re talking about. Though it “sucks up” most of the dirty water, it does leave some behind which I know that some laminate might not like, depending on how it is installed / sealed.

Here are my thoughts in general:

I had one of these and it worked great but had a few drawbacks.

One - if you don’t use it regularly, and I mean like once every 2 days or so, the battery will go dead between uses. If you leave the battery on the charger for longer than a few days, it will pattern the battery. Eventually this means that scooba dies mid cycle and is basically useless.

Two - there’s no need to buy the super expensive scooba soap either. I purchased an industrial size comet liquid floor cleaner from our local Gordon’s food service. Add to water in the ratio suggested to avoid too many suds and it does wonders. Vinegar / water and bleach / water mixes are just fine too.

When the battery wasn’t dead the scooba worked well, its logic isn’t the best so it will end up going over some areas of the room more than others. However, it did a fine job and I was happy with the result.

Also, it scared the cats to no end.

I should close by saying that we moved about a year after I purchased this, and it’s been in its box ever since. By now the battery is for sure dead, so the device is basically useless until I buy a new one.

Anyone have experience with the LG?

In my quest to learn more about robotics, I’ve learned quite a bit about these little guys. I can only provide notes on the Neato XV-11 because that’s all I’ve owned, any additional information can easily be found on Amazon with reviews. YouTube is a great way to see these vacuums in action.

The Neato series of robots:
+Best Suction (There’s plenty of YouTube comparisons and the vacuum fan specs make this obvious)
+Very Intelligent, maps the room using an infrared laser and is very methodical
+Usually finds its home to charge, will go back out form where it left off if it has to charge before being done cleaning
+The beater brush is effective
+Dust bin is easy to remove and doesn’t drop material
+Won’t drive off stairs
+Excellent customer service

-Loudest of the bots (due to the powerful vacuum motor)
-No side brushes, they don’t get stuff very close to the wall (close an inch at best)
-Additional boundary markers are expensive; they’re magnetic strips that go on the ground, not great on carpet.

Random Notes: All the Neato Bots are essentially the same robot. They come in different colors and sometimes different accessories. The XV-12 is the light gray version of the XV-11. The XV-21 comes with a special brush and filters, but you can just buy the upgrade kit for any of the other bots.

If you don’t mind the dark gray Neato, you can get it XV-11 from Walmart for $219.00 with free shipping

4/5 Stars for the XV-11 (I own two of these)

4/5 Stars for the XV-12 (it is just a different color from the XV-11)

4/5 Stars for the XV-21

Quick notes about the other bots that I do know for sure:

The Roomba 530 uses an algorithm for cleaning. It doesn’t remember where it is, but it seems to be effective. Many people note they like that it goes over the same spots many times. For me, if I wanted that, I would just schedule the Neato to run twice.

The LG Hom-Bot uses a mapping system similar to the Neato, but it uses cameras located on the top and bottom for reference.

Hope that helps.

Get some original batteries on here (PLEASE)

The XV-21 is a great vacuum. I had a problem with the display going bad but the vac still worked. The manufacturer sent me an advance replacement so I would not be with out a vac until the new one arrived. Neato robotics has great customer service

I got an XV-21 from a previous woot, i’ve had it for about a year now I’d guess. I’m very happy with it. sometimes it’s a pain with rug tassels, or electrical cords.

I’m considering a scooba though.

I got some of these the last time they were up on here and they rock… They are way better then a roomba!

How well does it work on hardwood?

How does the XV-21 compare to the Signature Pro? Are there any differences in the vacuuming efficiency/power?

About Scooba: This model has been in service for more than a few years - 2006 release. Don’t let that scare you though. I bought one nearly 4 years ago and it has been great to us. It’s extremely gratifying to see the grey/black water drain from the tank when it’s done.

Some notes:

  1. 850 square feet is realistic with a newish battery
  2. I have had mine for 4 years and the battery needed to be replaced after about 3 years. Used fairly consistently every other week for all 4 years.
  3. Does about as well as a once-over mop - run it twice if you’re a neat freak.
  4. Battery slowly loses charge over time. DONT store battery on charger, re-charge for about a half-hour before each use, and then full charge after.
  5. Vinegar is cheap and great for cleaning solution (about a capful per tank) plus it unplugs calcium buildup within scooba (hard water people will appreciate this).
  6. Does OK with dog hair and mild amounts of dust/debris. I mean, it picks it all up, but the hair generally gets stuck in one of the tubes and needs additional clean-up. The things we do for our pets :smiley:

All in all, if you’re on the fence I say go for it!

Very well. (Neato) Something no one mentioned is that you don’t have to clean or maintain the brush much. I have pets and I have to clean my Roombas brush, take it apart to get to little spots, and remove hair, which is a pain.

If I get two, can I name them Bob and Madge?

Ordered the Neato XV-12, and got charged twice for it… not much of a savings there…

I only see one on your order. What you’re probably seeing is the AUTH charge that will drop off once the real charge is processed by your bank. If you have any questions, email

Thanks for the reply. My bank is a bit clueless about it for the moment, so if for some reason it did go through twice I’ll shoot an email that way.

Just got one a week ago from Woot. I have a Roomba,but the battery quit charging. The LG is far superior. It has a lithium battery which holds a charge much better than Ni-Cad battery Roomba uses. It is much less noisy than the Roomba. You can barely hear it running. It has 2 side brushes instead of 1 like the Roomba. It has camera mapping so it learns the layout of your house. The Roomba does not. The dust bin is easier to remove than the Roomba and has a friendly female voice to tell you when it needs dumping as well as other information. It also knows when battery is getting low and automatically returns to home base for charging. Because of the camera mapping,after charging if it was not done cleaning it will return to spot it was at and continue cleaning. It also comes with remote control so you can drive it around manually. This vacuum was over $700 when it came out and Amazon still wants $500,so $300 is a good price for a new one. In conclusion LG took what was good about the Roomba and improved it. I’m loving mine so far. I named her Rosie after the robot maid on the Jetsons.

Are the googly eyes included or are they extra?