Robotron Wreaks Havoc

I wanted the robot zombie shirt :confused: now I’m up at 1 AM, I might as well finish my homework

Love it! The mighty robot causes devastation and despair. There is no mercy here!

“Robbie, time for supper!”

If only they could reach that off switch! Where’s Stretch Armstrong when you need him?

Yes! So happy this won. Awesome shirt.


In other news, that off button does NOT work.

What a failed design for a destructive evil robot, the on/off switch is right on the front.

Why doesn’t the monkey just hit the off square? Barbie could have been saved from her ghastly fate.

Is that a woot monkey that the kid is chasing? Because it sure looks like it is screaming…

Time to remove the batteries.

Ditto. :smiley:

I love the awkward conversation with the cashier at Home Depot when you have to buy the assorted hardware that’s clearly going to be fabricated into a homemade robot costume.

“So you’re making a robot suit, huh?”

“Uh… it’s for school.”

(NOTE: It’s never for school.)

Who is Don Doff?

The humans are dead. We used poisonous gases, and we poisoned their asses.

Congrats on the print. I thought this was a rather playful design for the derby.

However… that poor kid needs moar duct tape to hold his robot suit together. I should know, having made many pieces of cardboard robot armor for massive robot wars.

…the last attempt was when I was 22. There’s no age limit on building cardboard robot armor, I’m tellin’ ya!!

(I still have the helmet, too. Oh, by the way, I’m only 23. Bwahahaha… ha… hmm.)

…As many of us wooters are like-minded individuals, I foresee oodles of comments about that on/off switch.

Score (fill in # of sales) for the literal interpretation (infused with cute and/or nostalgia warm fuzzies)

Even with all the robo-destruction going on, I bet Mom’s going to be most upset when she sees that fire in the playroom.

I do hope this shirt does well, it reminds me a little too much of a Monster’s Inc parody to wear, but it should be a popular shirt.

i can never think of anything clever to write, but regardless, congrats to the artist, awesome shirt, in for 2!