Robots For The Cleaning

Reads like some alien robot hive…010001…if you can clutch on to that idea.

I bought the mint a few weeks ago and it turned out it was the 4200-A model, not the 4200. Big difference is the 4200-A will use the Pro-Clean Reservoir and the 4200 will not.

Be clean

Beat me by three hours…I too was curious if they took the effort to actually write something :wink:

I always wanted one of these but couldn’t convince my wife to drop the money for it or to buy it for me as a gift. But my sister bought me a neato for my 30th birthday. I don’t use it on carpet so I cant say much for it there but it makes our floors look better than the vacuum does (a newer hoover).

I did have an issue with a sensor that I had to send it in to warranty for, but besides that I couldn’t be happier with the little guy.

Have owned one for about a year. 90% hardwood floors with a few throw rugs. Great for daily cleaning of our kitchen/breakfast area (family of 4). Signature pro does a good job picking up hair, etc. Every so often have to use a hand broom to pick the dust/dirt from out of the corners to where the Neato can get to it. The convenience factor is well worth the money for me.

Question for those who have the MINT 420A, is the mop function safe to be used on lami.ate floor? Does the mint spray the liquid directly on the floor ?

As you all know laminate doesnt mix with water

“Be well” play? (Demolition Man)

which one is this?

I bought a couple of these last time, and after about a month of using them, all I can say is they are “okay”.

I think they are good for people who don’t generate that much dirt and clutter in their house. They are good for keeping a lid on the worst of the mess. My parents have one and they love it.

However, I have a dog, two young kids, and a relatively cluttered home. Most mornings I find it stuck on something (this actually is now a game with my kids… “find the vacuum”). And, even when it does run completely without getting stuck, it only does an ‘okay’ job, I still really need to vacuum manually several times a month.

It is hard to say if I would buy them again based on my experience. Their dirt collectors are full after each time they run, so they are getting something. But, they aren’t the labor saving device I had hoped for.

In case you’re curious, I’ve translated it for you.

01000010 = 66 = ASCII B
01100101 = 101 = ASCII e
00100000 = 32 = ASCII space
01100011 = 99 = ASCII c
01101100 = 108 = ASCII l
01100101 = 101 = ASCII e
01100001 = 97 = ASCII a
01101110 = 110 = ASCII n

Be clean

Bought the xv21 after having a lot of success with our roomba. The xv21 is a piece of junk and by far the worst woot purchase I have made. It manages to get stuck in strange locations and we lose it for days/weeks/months. Might as well not even have an automatic vacuum!

I am guessing it’s the 4200-A since the one I bought was from Woot as well. Only way to tell is flip it over though. Wish woot would disclose the EXACT model because they didn’t when I bought mine.

We liked our XV-21 (bought as a refurb from another site). I say “liked” because it started having a problem saying that its vision is blocked. Research on the Web shows that Neato’s customer service stinks and that’s it would cost more to fix ($200) than I can get another for ($175 for a refurb). We’ll see if either of those is true.

This vacuum sucks.

I completely understand as our situation is about the same. I suggest trying a roomba. It does get stuck on a few things, such as shoe strings, skinny cords, ribbons, or socks it handles clutter much better than the neato. Ours has been running routinely for about 2 years and you can easily tell when it didn’t run.

So it’s working perfectly then.