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I just recently got the xv-21…it is amazing how well it works. I have pets that shed all over the place and this little guy works like a champ. Just remember to empty the bin after each cleaning.

I have the pet and allergy one and it works great on dog hair.

If I am not mistaken,I think the XV-S Signature list price should be $399 not $599 so the 53% off is wrong.

I would like to get one but quite a few reviews on Amazon are pretty bad.

Good catch. The list price will be updated shortly.

I bought xv21 in 2013 July. It worked very well till Feb 2014. Then it started having problems with the battery. It would run for 10 minutes and go back to the dock. In the next 2 months the batteries died. I bought replacement batteries. Worked well the very first time. Then started showing the same symptoms. It would get back to the base after 10 - 15 mins. Without completing the entire area would go back to the base saying it completed the job. Very poor service. I would discourage anybody from buying.

I have first hand experience with the vaccum and wouldn’t recommend. I have written my review below. please read.

Not a fan, issues so far:
Stairs, claims to avoid stairs, not true at all. These things are about a dumb as they get…half the time the get stuck in corners! Very disappointed, corners?! yes, it just keeps trying to break down the wall until it finally gives up and sits there beeping! AVOID THIS PIECE OF JUNK!!! (you’ve been warned)

I was initially a huge advocate for Neato. The concept is great and when it works the product is really good.

I bought XV-11 here and later bought xv-21 x2 for Mom and her friend. My XV-11 is still running like a champ in a 1200 sq ft ranch house with 75% hardwood.

Both the xv-21 have been sent back to Neato once for service. My Mom’s friend is dead again and refuses to deal with it because they’ve made it difficult and have now outsourced to 3rd party.

My Mom’s returned hers once, replaced batteries twice before the estimated life cycle was over. They’ve now asked her to send it in again, pay for shipping, pay for diagnostics, with no gaurantees. Neither device lasted longer than 12 months.

The neato costs to much to be treated as a disposable, but that’s what it feels like when working with the company.

I’ve had a love/hate with Neato and Roomba. Prefer Neato but…

Customer service is non-existent. Spent over a month trying to find out if my dead Neato was repairable.

Long story short - works wonderfully when it does but the XV Signature is available at $349.99 + tax (with free shipping) from COSTCO and when it dies a year and a half later you can return it for a full refund.

Sorry Woot.

I have a Neato XV-21 Pet and Allergy Robot Vacuum that I bought from woot! about a year ago. I have had to replace the batteries once when the originals would only hold a ~20 minute runtime per charge cycle. I believe the battery problem was caused by not running the Neato often enough when I first got it. Now it gets run three times a week and the runtime per charge is ~55-75 minutes depending on whether it runs mostly on carpet or tile flooring.
My floors are definitely cleaner and better looking than when I was manually vacuuming. I have made some adjustments to furniture placement so that the robot is better able to do its job. It cannot get right up against walls or furniture, but it cleans so often that dirt doesn’t have much time to gravitate to those blind spots. I manually vacuum those places every once in awhile.
When I first got it I was fascinated by its navigation abilities. Now I don’t watch it at all because it makes me mad how stupid it can be, repeatedly going over and over the same spot.
Overall I’m glad I got it, it does save time and it works well for the most part. YMMV

I’m surprised to hear this. We had the same battery issue and Neato sent us new ones for free. When those had issues, they just sent us a whole new unit. I think we paid $26 for the shipping maybe? The batteries should have been warranty, they’re covered for 1 year from purchase.

ETA: our last run-in with Neato customer service was about 8 weeks ago, so this is a recent data point. They’ve never been anything but SUPER helpful for us ::shrug::.

Don’t do it! These little guys are great for a few months, then their computers go haywire, causing numerous error messages and shut downs. I’m currently on my 4th robot, the first three through Woot and Neato. Lots of wasted time and aggravation trying to get Neato to honor their warranty. If you are lucky, Neato will send you a replacement, a “refurbished” robot to replace the brand new one your purchased. The replacement starts tweaking a few months later (or is DOA as was my experience) and the cycle continues. After the one year warranty is up, you have an oversized doorstop. My current robot is going back to COSTCO tomorrow for a full refund. Then I will order another one from, return it when it freaks out and so on. If Neato wants to continue releasing disposable products, I’ll let them deal with the big guys with buying power. When they are forced to refund in full, again and again to these big stores, maybe they will work the bugs out of their products rather than sticking it to the consumers.

I keep coming back to this but am still hesitant. I have a 650 Roomba (had almost 1 yr) and a 595 Roomba (had 6 months) and want another robotic vacuum for my walkout basement. The Roomba work ‘great’ (I know that some people hate the way they bounce around the room) and I have had no problem with them except a stuck wheel but iRobot send me another one right away. Hmmmm…take a chance on a Neato or get another Roomba???

We had a roomba, 400 series, for a couple years. Had to change out the battery once I think. We went to a neato, the xv-21 pet one, and havent looked back since. We have replaced the battery once in maybe 2 years. the roomba model we had simply brushed stuff up, the neato actually vacuums, so it does a much better job on the dirt in between the tile. The roombas side sweep brush was great tho, and neato doesnt have that. the neato, for us, works better and we bought it as refurb on the woot and like it a lot.

Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.

Be sure to drink your Ovaltine.

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