Robots: Housework Minons

I think you mean “minions?”

I’m still trying to figure out which video game consoles these are…

Neato: DO NOT BUY.

My Neato arrived totally DOA and I’ve written Woot customer support for a refund four times. No response.

did you check the “on” switch in the battery compartment?

XV-21 was a major disappointment. We started out with a Roomba, which we loved beyond belief. I decided to buy one of these from Woot a while ago and wish I hadn’t. It gets stuck on anything and everything, meaning very little gets cleaned. The other major problem, it is extremely picky with things being anywhere near its base. I pushed the button to have it return to the base, but the unit literally went back and forth in a line until the batteries died. Oh yeah, the base was a few mere feet away.

Yes, I have tried everything. It was DOA in the sense that it would not operate, kept saying it needed to be charged, and finally, after a day of being mated with the charger, would not ever power up.

Did I mention that this “factory refurbished” unit had one-half of a dirty used Q-tip in the collection bin?

Looking at the same unit on the mothership, I found about 28% percent were unhappy with 1-2-3 star reviews and a fair # of 4-5 star reviews amended them weeks or months later, wishing they could lower their ratings.

Neato replies to low ratings with boiler-plate text, as in “we’re sorry…blah-blah, please call customer service, blah-blah.”

Yeah, I sent them a message about something else entirely over a week ago with absolutely no response. It wasn’t a major issue, but the 1-2 days is a straight up lie. I’m surprised Amazon allows a company with such poor customer service to remain under their umbrella.

I had a DOA refurb unit from here in November. Contacted Neato directly. They ended up sending me a new unit with similar model number as replacement, and a label to ship the DOA unit to them. So far so good. Try Neato tech support directly. Honestly I got no static from them at all.

Woot CS has responded to all your emails. Have you checked spam/junk folders? They sent you another RMA label and emailed you again this morning.

Hi there. CS answered your question on 1/8. You might check your spam/junk folders.

Just checked. Nothing there from the 8th, unless it’s cleverly disguised as being from Natalia from Russia. Nothing from Woot after the 8th, either. But I did receive the order confirmation in my inbox without problem.

Yeah, I’ve got one of these sitting back in it’s box in our basement. After dealing with constant frustrations with this for over 2 years I went back to a Dyson stand up.

It’s just not worth your time. Unless you live in a home where there is nothing ever, ever, ever touching the floor but chair and table legs, this will not work out for you. Even then it gets trapped in the most ridiculous situations.

Imagine spending 10 minutes rearranging each room before you can set it to work, and then watching it get stuck underneath the kitchen table as it bounces between the wall, the table leg and the chair leg repeatedly for 15 minutes. So you have to physically pick it up and move it to another location.

Then after a few months you start getting error messages that state the brush is dirty, but after you clean it out, it still says it’s dirty. Over and over again. You have to upgrade the firmware, and that helps for about 20 minutes.

So you return it, and get another one, which ends up doing the same thing after another 6 months.

It’s such an exciting prospect, but honestly it’s more work than using a stand up vacuum. The technology just isn’t there yet as much as I wish it were.

It’s junk and the only reason it keeps getting purchased is on the hopes that a robot will clean your floor for you.

By my 3rd replacement from the company, and multiple firmware upgrades, and the same issues occurring, I moved on. I am stubborn as a mule and even I learned to let this go.

Also, it never makes it back to the base to recharge itself. The few times it did, it didn’t fully connect and was always dead when I was ready to go again. Sometimes I had to go search for it because it decided to bounce around for 40 minutes under the couch until the battery died.

Don’t be fooled, this product is straight JUNK!

It’s true, they will give you a replacement. But the replacement doesn’t last any longer than the original before you will run into the same problems.

Haha! I don’t think so. They’re resending it momentarily.

I wanted to get one of these for my Mom and Dad, since they’re getting up there in age – but reading all the reviews, I’m just not too sure.

I have an XV Signature Pro at my home and it works flawlessly. It took it a time or two to get back to the base, but now that it “knows” where it is or whatever, it works like a charm, every.single.time.

Did you call NEATO? Because I’ve had nothing but excellent experiences with Neato customer service and we’ve had our XV-21 for over 2 years at this point. Woot just sells them, they don’t FIX them.

There is nothing in my junk or email.
My address is --------@springgrove.COOP

not, not COM. Could that be the problem? I will send them an alternate COM address, as some systems don’t handle the COOP extension well.

I’ve also just now changed my email to a COM address to avoid any possible COOP extension problems.

[Can’t really complain about my phone co-op extension. They refund about 1/2 my phone bill each year and a bundle from selling off their cellphone biz!]


Woot tells me an RMA has been sent, but I have never received one. Still working on that.

I was told they resent the label for you today. Let me know if you still need one.