Robots Save the World: Derby 191 Sponsored By Evangelion 2.22 and FUNimation Entertainment

Oooh metallic ink!


Weren’t the robots the bad guys in evangallion?
I honestly don’t even remember

So is the Funamation pick not printed? That’s sort of interesting. I’m glad they announced this derby early I have stuff to do all this weekend so I need the extra time to actually make something.

ALSO WOOOOO Metallic colors!!!

Agreed. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Oh man! Robots save the world? I can’t wait to see Robbie’s take on this one.

is text allowed?

Any text allowed?
animal restrictions?

Man, this one looks like some fun. I just might have to make some time to work on an entry!

This looks awesome… can’t wait to see what happens. Anime prizes!

new midgerock favorite for me!

And i think they would add all the rules. It be pretty evil of them not to state all the rules, so we don’t end up working on a design for three days only to find out that it will be rejected…

This a chance to make good, wooters. Please don’t shut robbie out of this robot derby (provided he submits something, which I truly, madly, deeply hope he does).

Here was my first idea. I know its rough, but do people kind of get what’s going on here or at least the gist of it?

I’m curious myself. Please let us know woot!

Sorry Chump, Patrick beat you to it:

The writeup makes it sound like they have to use metallic shimmer. They don’t have to, correct?

Now this one I could definitely break my loooooooooong Derby absence for!

(I really rather like robots)

Ohhh! Metallic ink and robots, awesome!

lol, I have actually been on a EVA kick recently! Might have to sub a couple!!!