ROCCAT Gaming Accessories

The Roccat Savu mouse has default double-click action on the forward thumb button in MS Windows, without needing drivers to be installed. For this reason I use this mouse at work, since the admins at work have disabled the ability to install programs, even drivers.

The Savu is very comfortable and easy to use. My brother prefers Roccat’s Isku keyboard over Razer’s Anansi keyboard. Roccat is a new preferred brand for me. I am here to purchase a second Savu while it is available.

The ROCCAT Apuri USB Hub is $29.99 here on Woot, refurbished. It’s $35 on right now, brand new.

oh my gosh woot finally has Roccat gear as opposed to always having razer. I got the Kone[+] mouse last year (2013) when I built my pc and I love it. I also have the Alumic hard 2-sided mouse mat and it’s great.

If Woot gets the ROCCAT keyboards at reasonable prices and not refurbished (like that would ever happen, HA) I might consider buying stuff from woot again.

We’ll see what we can do. Stay tuned!

I’m just absurdly excited that these products all have Finnish names.