ROCCAT Gaming Accessories

Are all these roccat in original retail box?

Probably not. Most refurbished items come in a brown box.

Refurb mouse pads? Wow Woot

So what type of switches are on the keyboards?

Membrane. They’re not mechanical, but I’ve heard they’re fairly tactile for membrane switches from some people. Other than the first generation Kone (scroll wheel issue, was promptly RMA’ed with the updated version though) every roccat product I’ve used I’ve been quite happy with. The mice in particular are very nice, although the Kone pure line are a bit small for my taste. The full size Kone is still one of my favorite mice ever though.

SUPER disappointed. We ordered two of these. One was in good shape with very little wear on the feet and no visible use. The other, however, is in terrible condition. It’s very used - it’s filthy, the feet on the bottom are really worn down, and the serial number sticker is partially missing!!

I contacted order support and they said there’s nothing they can do aside from an RMA or a partial refund, but this mouse is still available for sale, so I’m not sure why I can’t just get a replacement.

I contacted ROCCAT support but am not expecting much, especially since the serial number is incomplete.


If ROCCAT can’t help you, I would suggest going ahead with an RMA and ordering another one.

Ordered One, actually I was the first (sucker) to order one and received a book instead!! very disappointing.

Sorry to hear that you received the wrong order.

If you haven’t already, please email into and let them know.

This is the first time I’ve ever been really frustrated with a Woot purchase. I’m guessing these were drop-shipped from the OEM and weren’t inspected by Woot first.

My first one came in horrible condition and missing a serial number. I got an RMA (waiting on my refund) and ordered a replacement. I got around to plugging it in tonight, and lo and behold the scroll wheel is completely dead.

Plus the software keeps hanging on my Alienware 13.

I really want to love this mouse, but come on - refurb is usually a lot better than this. I get the feeling these guys just took returns of any condition, stuck them in bags, and put them up for sale.

Ugh, that totally stinks. If you haven’t yet, please email CS for assistance. I’m really sorry the replacement was a dud, too. :frowning:

I bought one of these Early March, and finally got around to installing it. Unfortunately, it did not come with a software disc, and Roccat does not have the software available to download from their website. Woot has offered me the same form letter response in the form of a $6 refund or an rma. Since Roccat’s customer service is non-responsive, I am hoping someone else on here got the software and will upload me a copy. Be a pal!