ROCCAT Gaming Accessories

What kinds of switches are in the MX keyboard with the $62 price tag? It just says Cherry MX, doesn’t specify which color.

For what it’s worth to others, I have the IKSU (paid ~$80 new at Best Buy) and it’s hands down the best mushy-membrane keyboard I’ve used. Still very tactile and you’re not forced to used the software (which actually isn’t too bad to begin with, but is Windows only) to program the macros. I don’t use it for gaming anymore (only because I got Das with blue switches), but I use it every day at work. The macros are really great for performing repetitive tasks in Pro Tools. Also, the “Windows” key and Alt key are pretty much the same size/shape, so if you’re using a Mac you can easily physically swap them and then remap them in the System Preferences without downloading any extra software.

According to Amazon questions, this comes with Cherry MX Black switches. ROCCAT’s website doesn’t even specify, which is really frustrating. Shame these aren’t browns, or I’d have jumped on a mechanical keyboard with such a low price.

I also have an ISKU and I have a Kone XTD. I wanted to move away from Logitech and am very happy with Roccat. I also have the a Kave headset on the way but that will only be used as backup for my Corsair wireless headset.

Well, I think the only reason ROCCAT’s website doesn’t specify is because they make the same keyboard with Black, Brown, Blue, and Red switches. I could be totally wrong though. If this one has Blue switches it would be an instant buy for me.

It would be nice if someone from woot could confirm what kind of switches this comes with.

Since it’s being billed as a “gaming keyboard” I’d figure it’d much more likely have red switches.

Actually, I must have been looking at the specs for the wrong keyboard before. Looks like the Ryos MK Advanced only comes with Black switches. Or at least that’s the only available variant in ROCCAT’s online store:

Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

I have and use the Kova[+]. I like it. Feels good in hand.

I have small hands most mice are to large for me. the tron mouse was great it just glitched a lot. Ca anyone suggest a female size mouse. thanks