ROCCAT Gaming Accessory Bundle Pack

It’s a fair value in that for these items you’re saving about $80-$90 bucks versus individual pricing on Amazon and Newegg. This is what I’d expect to pay retail for these items and I would say they’re overpriced at MSRP given the comparable items available from other manufacturers.

You’re looking at bundle pricing of about $125 for the mechanical keyboard(which is good, Das is the standard and costs about the same), $50 for the mouse(a comparable Razer or Logitech runs $50 to $60), and $75 for the headphones(arguably a better value than comparable products from companies like Razer, though obviously not as quality as a Sennheiser headset).

I actually own all of these items.

They all work great!

IMO, you can just get away with the mouse and the headset, if you don’t play any macro intensive games, I would just get a standard 20 dollar keyboard.

All of the items have a plethora features on them!

The main thing is - if you get the mouse and the keyboard, you can set up a million macros that combine mouse use and keyboard together.

The headset was a standard headset you could easily find an equivalent for.

The headset I had ended up breaking ( the microphone comes off ), the pin inside the mic must have gotten bent somehow, as it did not detect the microphone plugged into the headset.

I’m sure Roccat offers a product to buy to fix it.