Roccat Kone Mouse & Chrome Sense Pad

I bought this. Loving the mouse. Scroll wheel’s click feel solid and mechanical(?), I really hope the wheel-click doesn’t break like my previous naos5000 and avior5000, which only registered the wheel-click randomly and began to squeak.

The slow to apply setting changes is an issue with Roccat’s app with windows admin rights, researched online and found solution/fix.

I don’t really like the bundled mousemat.

update: 9 months in. Mouse is great though 2 months in, sensor rattle revealed itself. Fixed it myself with double sided tape (and hair dryer, airsoft tool kit small screwdriver). It was my first time disassembling a mouse. Cable is still stiff from day 1. I’ve come to enjoy the glide of the sense pad, but would still switch back to softer cloth.