Rock Band 4: Band In A Box for Xbox One

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Rock Band 4: Band In A Box for Xbox One
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Thursday, Jan 14 to Friday, Jan 15) + transit
Condition: New


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4.3 Stars over at Best Buy

How does rockband compare to Guitar Hero nowadays?

Pretty good reviews (7.7 out of 10.0) over at

“Michelle Pfeiffer’s Laugh” : )

Guitar Hero has gone minimalistic, with just guitar and vocals, plus streaming music controlled by the publisher. Rock Band 4 is still a full band (minus RB3’s keyboard) and, if you’ve owned past RB games, lets you import music from those games (and your previously purchased DLC) as long as you stay with the same console brand (Xbox360-to-XboxOne, or PS3-to-PS4). They’ve even made old instruments compatible with the new systems, unlike Guitar Hero, which has a new system that won’t work with old guitars.

Rock Band’s backwards-compatibility and readily-available library of downloadable music make it much easier to get into the game and rock out to whatever you want, whenever you want, even if you’ve never owned a Rock Band game before.

As far as I’m concerned, Rock Band 4 is vastly superior to Guitar Hero, and will likely emerge as the champion rhythm game of this generation. If you buy this band kit, you will not be disappointed.

I’m a huge rock band fan. I own this already and it is great fun. The makers of this are the people responsible for the first two guitar hero games, which are the best ones in my opinion. Plus if you have old songs from the previous versions you can convert them to the new system. You have to stay in brand though. Meaning that if you had dlc on the 360 you would have to get the xbox one version for this to work and ps3 to ps4 only. No cross mojination. Also, not to say this isn’t a great deal but it is a 50 dollar savings. This started at 250. It’s never been 400 bucks.

I saw the $400 list price and thought Woot was throwing in an extra guitar and maybe the cymbal pack. Does posting the incorrect MSRP happen often? This is the first time I’ve noticed it. Intentionally deceptive? :frowning:

The MSRP is always a joke. It’s common knowledge here.

This pricing is stupid. You save
$18 ($23-$5 for shipping) instead of getting it from Amazon. Worst 50% of deal ever.

Where the heck did they get the 50% off bit???

At best, it’s 20% off compared to Gamestop and Best Buy, which are both selling them at $250.

Thanks for the info!

Seriously, ignore the List prices if they bother you. The vendor supplies the List price as part of the PO process. We use what they give us.

The more important price is our price compared to other retailers.

I have seen this set on sale frequently at Target and Amazon for $200. The Target version is an exclusive with additional songs as well.

In fact, Amazon has this same thing on sale right now for $223.99.

Amazon link:

Target link:

Wow. Nice biting of the hand that feeds you. It was an honest complaint. Not to mention someone at your company certainly agreed since the list price was corrected. $400 vs $250 is a pretty giant difference.

Can we get this deal for the ps4 please too? I’m waiting to hit the buy button.

When I first saw “50% Off”, I thought, wow, $125?? Then I looked closer. At least they corrected the price to reflect that no one actually expecting to make a sale is going over $250…Since it’s new and $200, good deal, but note that was the going rate throughout Black Friday and the shopping season, and sometimes still on Amazon. The old Woot would have had a deal like this at $175 at least.