Rock Demarco Art

That cover page screenshot of the joker picture over the couch is misleading . . . the picture is only 26 inches wide which would make that the smallest couch I have ever seen . . .

Scary art…

First, let me say that I fully understand that art is subjective.

With that out of the way…

I can see why this crap ended up on woot. Who would buy this already outdated pop-culture garbage that’s terribly poorly executed?

Yeah, I know. “Style”. Well, the artist’s “Style” sucks and is short-sighted.

Yes, I know he’s a speed painter. Buying prints of his crap totally removes that only novelty making these pointless.

Exactly what I just came in to post! That photo must be taken in a doll house.

It seems Woot! has been in the misleading business for quite some time now. I have commented several times over the several months about similar types of misleading pictures they post to advertise the products they are selling.

Change the preview picture, woot, that size is extremely misleading.

Sorry about the banner photo guys. I guess it was the only life style photo the vendor had and we don’t get samples of these.

Can we all pretend that it’s a couch for a c̶o̶r̶g̶i̶ dachshund?

HA! That’s hilarious. That’s like all those ads you saw in comic books in the old days. X-ray specs indeed!

I love the new picture. Up next, Pop Culture Dachshund shows you his extensive bluray collection.

I actually think the Frankenstein one is pretty damn cool, I’m just not willing to shell that much out for a 26" print.

Dog helps, but it still looks pretty big. I saw that humongous Joker and I was instantly positive I wanted it. Then…

So this guy is the “world’s fastest painter” apparently. Did the glicee take longer to make?

Is that Lennon or Yoko?

Poor man’s LeRoy Neiman.

When I went back to look at the photo, it is clear that they enlarged the wiener dog to appear to be a larger breed. Nothing is sized evenly, the couch is clearly shrunk, the flowers are kind of in the middle, and the dog is way too large.

Spot on Woot, you are obviously flaunting your photoshop skills with this one.

It’s a cardboard dog. How is that misleading? I have four of those in my home.

I thought the Aston Martin one looked cool, so looked up the artist and found his website. Umm, no thanks. I don’t think you could find a douchier looking novelty painter. The Freddy Krueger paint glove puts it over the top.

The “couch” is probably one of those furniture-style dog beds that Woot sometimes has, which are way too small for medium dogs, such as mine.