Rock Garden Collection (55-Bulbs)

Buyer Beware! One does not receive any of the flowers that are in the big picture. Look at the side bar to see what you are really buying.

The last time I bought 3 orders of bulbs from Woot, none of them grew, that’s right NONE. They were all old and rotten in the container.

I have had terrible results from the bulbs I bought on Woot. Out of hundreds, around 10 grew but none flowered and only two, (yes, just two), came back the next year to flower.

Thank you for the heads up.

Hi there. I’m sorry that you had a poor experience with the bulbs you purchased from us. Please please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance. We like to track issues with products that we sell.

(15) Anemone Blanda
(10) Striped Squill
(15) Glory of the Snow
(15) Dwarf Iris Reticulata

The photo is cute, but these are what you’re ordering.
I’ve never had luck growing Anemones personally, and given the rest of the feedback, I would stick with ordering from actual bulb growers. Secondary benefit of an actual bulb nursery is that they sell by species and you can easily choose plants that will actually grow in your hardiness zone, as well as what color, size, etc those bulbs will eventually grow to.
When I feel like bulb roulette I play at my local big-box retailer when they put theirs on clearance at half off.