Rock Hollow Cabernet Sauvignon Six-Pack

Rock Hollow Cabernet Sauvignon Six-Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Red
1 2004 Rock Hollow Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon
(link is to CellarTracker)

Been working for 16+ hours today and still made time for my friends @ wine.woot. :slight_smile:

In for three! Cab yum!

Indiana blows! I hate living here :frowning:

does that mean you’re in for… 18?

So… much… cab…

Anyone tried this?

ya same for me in GA. laym.

In for two, great price

Had it…loved it…it was better than Cats…I bought it again.

hmm…Rock Hollow Again. Was kind of disappointed that I didn’t buy last time. I think I’m in, as the price point is even cheaper now, and it’s all red goodness!

Hopefully the labrat program is on this week, but hard to say. Either way, I’m excited to try this stuff!

I didn’t get this last time, probably won’t get it this time.

That’s not to say that it’s a bad product, or unworthy of my attention, but I have a fair amount of Cab, and way too many bottles in my cellar, to the point where I’m starting to give some away. There’ve been a lot of good PS on winebid lately… sheepish

Indeed. Looking forward to having a modestly priced drinker here at the house. Lots of neighbors have started dropping by… :slight_smile:

The Cats?

this looks like a great deal. 6 packs at $45 is a great deal usually for wine.woot

any input as to whether this wine is alright???

Hmmm… Great price, but I don’t think I need six bottles of the same wine. Gonna have to go back over the reviews from last time and give it some thought.

But for now, 'nite all!

Good call BobboinAVL. Nicely done.

Check out Corrado’s links to CT in the first post.

Shipping for 18 bottles via UPS has got to be expensive too

whew that’s alot of wine.

Seeing as how $8 seems to be the mkt price for one of these (or so the interwebz tells me), after shipping I don’t save enough to justify committing to 6. Glad I got in on the iron horse, surprised they didn’t even sell 1000 of them.

woo that ain’t looking too good.