Rock Hollow Chardonnay Six-Pack


This could go down as the biggest wine.woot week ever. At least by number of bottles sold. You could do 3 woots, 3 times each, and get 6 bottles for each one! Anyone up for 54 bottles? And that’s not even counting gifting/pseudogifting.


Previous ratting out.


bought the 6 bottles of the cab and it will be tough to justify buying 6 bottles of the the chard.


Is that heat map new?

Edit: Nevermind…apparently I just never paid attention to that kind of thing…pretty cool though.


Nobody does.

God, that picture looked like my nightmares… or at least what I think would happen in a bad acid trip. (N.B. – I have never dropped acid and never will)


Have been looking for something like this…to put in the cabinet in front of my expensive wines so my moms doesn’t drink them all. Lord, she doeth not know what she drinketh…


Is there a heat map for total wine.woots for say… yearly, monthly, since the beginning of time?


In for one. I’m red heavy, but I’m not THAT red heavy…


Got distracted watching Sideways in CST. New woot!

Rock Hollow Chardonnay Six-Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
6 2006 Rock Hollow Chardonnay Central Coast

(Link is to CellarTracker)


$125 x 3 = $375 Not sure my pocketbook could handle it.


Holy moley the Iron Horse Cabernet Franc is good!

I just had the first bottle and was so sad when it was gone. Certainly the best wine I’ve ever had from wine.woot.


You guys called it when you said it would be another Rock Hollow offering. I know someone for whom this will be perfect. Thanks Wine.Woot! So what’s in store for Friday?


Dang, now I’m kicking myself for not getting in on that one!


Does anyone know if this is good? Has anyone tried it?


Of the three Rock Hollow offerings from before, this one was my favorite (just barely). It’s a really crisp, non-butterbomb, version of a Chard.


Rock Hollow Chardonnay Six-Pack
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I usually end up buying red more often than white, and the wine that I save for the future is almost always red… that means I’m always running low on white! These 6 will at least help me hang on to that bottle of Epiphany Inspiration a bit longer!


And I was right when I predicted a 3-offering week! I told you all! Friday is the Rock Hollow merlot.


Big mistake. To each his own though…


Even RPM said to buy it … I went in on Sat late (Sun CT), but it will arrive tomorrow!!