Rock Hollow Merlot Six-Pack

Anyone know where the old lab rat reports are?

Thanks auggie, that was real quick. I was thinking all week about getting one of these, and I haven’t had much merlot lately. I rarely spend more than $15 dollars a bottle due to budgeting necessities, so this one is right up my ally, how does it compare to other <$10 merlots?

I set out a good hunk of Cannonball Bleu Cheeze earlier, and teased out a couple of rats. Update here.

Other reviews here and here.

This was obvious.

I didn’t particularly like the Merlot from the Rock Hollow ‘sampler’ a few months ago. Rather devoid of any memorable notes, the wine tasted rather bland and sharp to the tongue. (Should have jumped on the cab a few days ago).


Looks like the avg is in the mid-70s, that is, if you trust the judgement of 10 random wine drinkers.

And the trifecta of neighborhood wine is complete. Thanks WD and RH!

and I called it!

any wine that sells cab sav char and merlot for the same price likely must be worth the price

Corrado not first, again? Oh no. We need our CT!
Edit: 30 minutes and no sign of the big C so heres the link:
2005 Rock Hollow Central Coast Merlot

Even though this is a wootless week, it has been fun. And my checking account (and wine cellar) thanks you!

Could you elaborate? Within a given label, what would you expect to be the most expensive/lease expensive?

After getting the Chardonnay and hitting up the side deal…as tempting as this is, looks like i’m going to hold off …hopefully they bring back the sextet soon…i’d love to try to Car and Mer…Those do get this I hope you all enjoy

“I’m not drinking any effing merlot!”

I dunno… just thought it needed to be said. It seems I should have been watching wine woot. And should have jumped on the first two six-packs. I probably won’t for this one.
Maybe something else in a couple of days?

Yeah, monday morning at 00:00.

I really liked that movie, and I think that line may have subliminally kept me more away from merlot than had I not seen it, but (this may be a stupid question) why does he say that? Is it more of a commercial and not-so elitist wine? Or was it a personal preference of Miles?

Life is to short to drink cheap Merlot.

Missed the Cab, so I hope the Merlot gets here (No.Cent. FL) in good shape. While the nights are
still cool, the days are approaching the nineties with regularity. I know we ALL want regularity but…

There’s the thought - right there. WD answered the call for some inexpensive wines…now back to the good stuff…

The movie was fun. Possible reasons for the comment include Miles being a wine snob (in the worst way IMHO) and the fact around the time the movie was written that Merlot had become the pop wine of choice for people who know nothing about wine.

Other than for blending, I have never much liked Merlot. I have purchased one (1) Merlot in quantity for laying down in my entire life: the 1985 Matanzas Creek.

Most wine made from Merlot tends to be fruity and have an enjoyable aroma, to be flat and flabby in the mouth, and dull, with a short finish.

Many people who have had a good bit of wines with more classic structure and flavor profiles and are ‘into’ wine, therefore, do not expect much from Merlot and avoid it on principle.

My impression of the Merlot upon the last offering:

Yes, you’re very smart. Shut up. :wink:

Aw, Geez, Woot, you are killing me this week.

Here goes…le sigh…can’t believe I’m paying for this much wine this week but it should last me all summer…