Rock Lobster Old Vine Zinfandel (6)

Rock Lobster Old Vine Zinfandel 6-Pack
$61.99 $126.00 51% off List Price
2012 Rock Lobster Old Vine Zinfandel, Lodi
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I want to drink this at the Love Shack underneath the Strobe Light in my own Private Idaho.


I was considering buying until I hit that 35 degree delivery. It hasn’t been over 25 degrees here in at least 5 weeks. You won’t be getting many sales in the Northeast.If purchased will they delay delivery until April?


Goes well with a slice of Planet Claire!!!

No. The correct answer was “Butter Beans”.

I’m in Chicago and have been getting wine deliveries non-stop through the winter. Don’t worry about shipping while it’s cold. The wine does better (being shipped) in the cold than it does in the heat.

There’s some more info on this Amazon link, more info than on the winery’s website! Note that Amazon is selling at twice the price. Only 2 reviews there but they aren’t very helpful.

I sure hope this is some good stuff. Being a wine sipping rock-n-roll nut, I just can’t resist! Ordered.

Bummer - I’d be in for one if Wisconsin was on the list…maybe next offering??

Quiche Lorraine!

This link will give a list of merchants who sell this product ($11.89 - $19.99 / bottle):

The $11.89 comes from a U.S. seller:

Add shipping (I used NY to CA = $29.39, so total = $100.73 vs $70 +/- on Woot). That’s a 30% TRUE savings, folks.

Note: If this offer is not valid in your state, then it is most likely due to prohibitive state laws, not the seller:

If this offer is not valid in your state, then it is most likely due to prohibitive state laws, not the seller:

The lowest price I found (see other post) was $11.89 / Bottle. After shipping to Wisconsin, you would pay $97 +/- in total.

Yes - I understand the licensing issues - just saying that if the winery would be licensed to sell in Wisconsin I would buy :slight_smile:

yea, you’ll be ok to order. we’ll get it there in fine working order.

You will be happy! This is out flagship Old Vine Zinfandel. We have the 45 record on the front because the vines in this vineyard are 45+ years old. One of my favorite zins!

Here is more info for Rock Lobster:

Hey take a gamble…if the wine get to you messed up from the cold…we will make it right…we are very careful about shipping our wines …we want them to be mouthwatering when you get them :slight_smile:

Why no shipping to MD? I’ve shipped wine from Woot to MD previously? I’d like to purchase if possible. Thanks.