Rock Lobster Old Vine Zinfandel (6)

I am trying to purchase this wine with standard shipping and expedited shipping comes pre-selected on my order form and I do not seem to be able to change to standard shipping. Is this intentional or just a glitch in the form?

I just tried it, and it showed standard shipping on mine. Weird.

Shipping is included in the price so the only other option for shipping is to expedite. Just don’t choose that and you get regular shipping.

Hi TT, I tried this 4 times before and just gave it a rest for more than an hour. Still the same thing. The standard shipping option disappears and expedited shipping is selected for me. If I just purchase this thing, will you just fix it to standard shipping for me so we can be done with this? That would be appreciated.

Your order is placed through Amazon, additionally, we can’t make changes to orders.

Can you unselect “expedited shipping” and just check out? That defaults to standard.

The standard shipping option goes away and only the expedited option is available or even visible. I can not even deselect expedited shipping. Like I am being punished for being bad.

Maybe, what did you do?

Actually, I figured it out and it’s not good news. Your state wasn’t on the go-to list and was checked instead of the state alphabetically next to it.

I fixed it all up and it’s ok now.

Other than shipping woes, has anyone tried this or other wines from this vineyard. Price point screams “worth a gamble”, but is it?

My two cents is “YES” it is worth the gamble. It is one of thee top three best selling wines in the tasting room :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered this a couple of times now and I really enjoy it.

Glad you like our wine! This is one of my favorites,too. Over time it gets nice and spicy…just how I like my Zins :slight_smile:

So I was about to pull the trigger on this — I need more wine in my “stockroom” like a need a hole in my head, but Old Vine Zin is my fave, and I usually like stuff coming out of Lodi — but I looked at CellarTracker and saw that the sole reviewer there indicated the 2012 drinking window only goes through 2015.

Obviously the wine doesn’t turn to vinegar when the calendar changes, but is this wine going to be “meh” if I drink some of it, say, 9 or 12 months from now?

Can you please comment on the drinking window question?

Good question! This wine gets better over time. When it was first bottled it was more “jammy” but as it ages it gets more “peppery and spicy.” According to our winemaker you can enjoy this wine for up to 5 years from vintage date. :slight_smile:

Key term “sole reviewer”

I just entered 2017 as per the winery so now the CT average is 2016 and you have an extra year to drink it. You’re welcome. :wink:

Is anyone else having an issue with their order of this not shipping? I ordered this and the Archer Mixed Red at the same time, got the Archer and still this one has not even shipped. I should add that this is now beyond the estimated ship date.

Sorry about that. If you haven’t already done so, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

I’m checking from this end as well.

I have contacted support. They are just telling me to wait. My gripe is that if it will takes 2 weeks or more to process then it should not say that it will ship in 5 - 8 days when you place the order.