Rock, Paper, Scissor Hold

I just received “Fresh Cake” today. Trying to save money. Must… resist…

Is that a tic-tac-toe tattoo on the paper? That dude is hardcore.

Walmazan can have my back in a cartoon throwdown any day!


OH! OW! Paper cut… cries

Seeing that they’re luchadores and all, I wonder what the real identities of rock, paper, and scissors are? What lies behind the mask? :slight_smile:

Woohoo! In for two!

Who won?

It looks like The Rock is about to lay the Smack Down, but he can’t smell what the paper is cooking.

Rock always wins!

Well played.

If I buy this, I’ll have 2 rock, paper, scissors shirt! Mwahahaah, I don’t think I can have too much. :slight_smile: Congrats!


Triple threat wrestling?

My aunt used to hate this game because she thought that rock always wins. After we beat her a few times, we told her the truth about what beats what in the game.

Now we always joke when playing near her, we say “Rock, Rock, Rock!” instead of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t it be Roca, Papel, Tijeras?

I love it! I wonder what their signature moves are? I suggest: Rock - ‘The Stoning’ Paper - “The Lacerator” and Scissors - “Amputation.” Bahahahaha

Love the shirt. We are big “Nacho” fans so that probably helps. :wink:
Heading over to purchase now!

Walmazan, congrats on the win!

We play with the dynamite option and it would be nice to see that portrayed in the image somehow (perhaps even with an asterisk next to it)…

I love my: GO ROCK
woot shirt from waaay back

Congrats on another win walmazan!:slight_smile:

Scissors is going against the natural order of things and has chosen rock. He is bringing shame and disgrace to cutting utensils everywhere.