Rocketbook Fusion Executive with Pens

Rocketbook Fusion Executive with Pens

Are there any old school pen and paper (quill and linen) note takers/makers out there that have switched to using one of these? No matter how hard I try I can’t manage to go fully digital with notes, etc. I usually either write it down then take a pic so I don’t lose the note and/or use Samsung notes to jot a list.

I feel like this might be a decent combination of both worlds, but would love some input first.

Thanks Wooters


Good morning! I switched to the rocket book about a year ago and I’m pretty pleased with the transition although it was tough to get into the habit. That being said, I’m still learning to make it smoother, but it would be different if I actually put more effort into it. That’s actually the problem I’m having, pen and paper are thoughtless, whereas rocket books you need to scan. I’m determined to make it work! All paper lovers have a combo that they love. Mine is cheap notebook paper and medium point Bic pens. I love the smoothness of it, and how it shows up on the paper, something rocket book doesn’t have because of the material of the writing surface.

What was the question again? Sorry for rambling, but I hope you got something out of my reply.

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Bump. I wanna see the discourse of note takers. I liked taking my notes in erasable gel pens / highlighters. Yeah they faded after time and freezing would bring it back but it was pretty af.

@suel0312 I totally get it - I have a collection of 10 cent 70 page notebooks from back to school sales that I do the same with - now if I would stick with one notebook at a time, it would probably help, but the darn thing is never where I need it to be, along with never being able to find a pen - even though I just saw one.

At one point I was determined to move to books on my tablet, never happened - I just like holding a book - hopefully with all this extra time at home, I will dedicate the necessary time to make this my new routine

Thank you for your input, it did help a lot

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I have been considering trying something like this, just not real sure yet. I guess I kinda need more info on what’s involved if just connect to computer and it auto saves or what else need to do.
I have tons hand written notes around here. Now if I would keep them in order I’d have half as many since I wouldn’t end up writting the same ones because can’t find the original.
I also write stories usually targeted to the person I’m writing it for again some end up being written over and over (sometimes almost exactly the same other times they go a whole new way) because I can’t figure out if it was in the blue or the purple notebook. Then which of the 2 dozen purple notebooks it was in. As far as pens I also draw so there’s always a couple hundred around right until I really need one then only empty ones seem to appear
I do try to put some notes into apps but ya know how that goes I’m sure some info some welll…
Maybe it is time to try something new…

My daughter is in college- she did the pen and paper thing in high school. She really likes the rocketbooks- less to carry around campus.

I love them. I have three of the full sized ones and a couple steno ones. I use them for various work projects - one book per project.

One book per project?? … how high tech of you. I went with one of each size - one to put on my desk (the larger) and one in the bag I carry (the smaller), so in theory (best laid plans, right?), I have one right there when I “need” it.

It’s worth a shot

I usually have multiple projects going on at once so it helps keep me slightly organized :slight_smile:

I did find that the .7mm pens work better then the .5mm but that is more personal preference

the ocr feature really wins it for me.

But I’ve been drinking the coolaid, but in places where electronic (aka OneNote) is not allowed due to sensitive nature of meetings, this has won me over by a lot…

It’s actually helped me a lot to centralize everything …rather than keep a bunch of spare notes or or stuff.

The only major downside is, if you write too hard, the grooves in the book tend to remember which makes re-usual ‘difficult’ But the auto formatting feature has been useful for auto categorization and I love the ability to auto import graphic illustrations from hard copy to digital EASILY.
Great for capturing the moment.

If only it integrated with OneNote and the audio transcription…that I would pay MONEY for.


You can specify like 8 different categories for each page … You just need to indicate the trigger symbol ( diamond, circle etc)

:thinking: sounds like i should get this to be come better organized. MaybethisIStheKey :face_with_hand_over_mouth: