Rockford Fosgate In Dash DVD Player w/7” LCD


[imgleft][/imgleft] Thursday, November 17, 2005


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tis the time for tv’s i think


this would be great in my car, but I can’t afford it

maybe in a few years…

edit: that cat is awesome


very neat item, just what i was looking for!


awesome woot, i might partake!


First page, YEAH!!!



Pretty Cool Woot - But - Not sure about the price.

Hey woot - we need some more wireless stuff!!!


Yeah, thats right woot, im made of money!!! NOT


That cat is driving! How absurd!


not a bad product but now what I was looking for, another night my dear woot, till tomorrow night


$500? I’m going broke already!


no thanks… 1st page though :slight_smile:



Just what I need, an in dash player that costs more than my car. Good, but not for me.


what a woot-tastic woot! quality woots the past few days…I just need to sell the contents of my Bag o Crap


Would love to have, but no cash.


Watch the road kitty! Woot the F? Silly woot.


That cat looks like I feel… man… we need some AFFORDABLE woots! We’re poor… don’t you guys get it!


Again, not for me. But a cool woot! nonetheless. Is that Toonces from SNL???


Hmmm…I can’t use my cellphone in the car, but this looks like a good alternative