Rock'N Rollz

I dunno. This band sounds pretty raw.

Talk about a “fresh” new sound.

Acoustic Sashimi is the next act up, also repped by Miso Records.

Sounds a bit fishy to me.

smells a bit fishy to me

I can see their faces…They will haunt my dreams for a fortnight.

Most art theme’d items involving rock and roll usually involve using the “rock” as its primary pun. Its refreshing to see the “roll” being the primary focus in this theme.

ungh… Somehow, I knew when looking at the thumbnail, the writers would include a remix of a Beach Boys song.

Holy crap, this shirt totally reminds me of a rockin’ sushi restaurant I went to with some good friends of mine in New Orleans. It was called Rock 'n Sake. Awesome place that had good food and great atmosphere.

Bottom line, if this shirt was a real restaurant, Rock 'n Sake would be it. Ahh, nostalgia… :smiley:

I like the write-ups double pun much better.

“Critics sometimes say they’re a little too raw, and fans of the processed sound wouldn’t be caught dead at one of their concerts”

What this shirt needs…

…is a little more cowbell.

I was hoping for “Sushi Q, baby I love you, Sushi Q.”

maybe it was too easy

The guitarist looks like a hot roll.

My best guess as to the band members’ identities:

Lead Singer - Futomaki
Guitar - Salmon Nigiri
Bass - California Roll
Drums - Dynamite Roll
Triangle - Oshizushi

Did you know that women weren’t allowed to prepare sushi because their hands were too warm, and it would ruin the raw fish?

I’m not a sexist, I promise.

Nope this band smells, lets roll right into the comedian! drum roll

This shirt is maki me hungry…

…what has become of shirt.woot sigh

shirt.forsoccermoms is more fitting these days…

Rather that I not be able to prepare the thing I love to eat and have a professional do it, than be criticized for having cold hands/appendages.