Rockpot Planters - Small, Med or Large

I’ve use these exact rock pots in my garden and patio and they are great. Compliments my ceramic and wood planters. They may look heavy but they are really light and easy to work with. I may have to buy some more at the WOOT! price. #ihavenocomplaints

Do you get 4 of the same design when you order the large, or do the pots vary? Same question for the medium and small. Also, are they all the same design, just different sizes? Thanks!

The pots are all the same shape within their size range.

Could someone please let me know what the size of the “pot” (hole) is in the medium planter. 6" or 8" pot size???

It is 4.5". No need to use a planter; just pull your plant from its current planter and pot it directly in the Rock Pot for a professionally looking planter.

Can these be submerged in a pond?

I’m not sure but they do have holes in them and if weighted properly (with dirt, rocks, etc.) it seems feasible…

confirmed 4.5" hole

The manufacturer hasn’t tested these fully submerged.