Rocksolar 400W Portable Power Station

Rocksolar 400W Portable Power Station

I’m curious about the lipo battery this uses?

Can someone explain to me how this differs than any other lipo batteries?

For example, I run lipos in RC cars and keeping a lipo charged for extended periods of time degrades them battery quickly, causing it to puff up and overall battery instability and shortened life. To a point where they can be outright dangerous as well.

By nature of this device, it requires you to keep it charged and hence… running into the same dilemma.

Is there a reason why this is or isn’t true for the batteries inside this charger?

Great question, I am also interested in the answer.

What are the dimensions of this power station?

Product Dimensions: 11.93 x 5.28 x 7.24 inches
Item Weight: 15.5 pounds