Rocksolar 80W Portable Power Station

Rocksolar 80W Portable Power Station

The specs on all of these Power Stations do not list any cables or connectors included.

The description mentions a “19V 1.5A Max Power Adapter”. Is this the included AC wall charger?

The description mentions a “Car Charger”, but does not state it is sold separately. Is it included?

So it seems to be a pretty damn small battery, 74Wh.
I think I figured this out correctly that if it’s a 19v battery that is 3895 Mah.
If it’s a 12V battery then that works out to 6166 Mah
using the formula Q (mAh) = 1000 × E (Wh) / V (V) which I of course found on the internet
Both of those capacities are smaller then most jump packs which you could easily connect to a cheap inverter giving you 80w
The bigger ones seem more reasonable in cost

I was not able to find much information either.

However, there are some FAQs that seem to state charging cables are included:

and the website states cables:

Hi all. We’ve updated what comes in the box:

In the Box:

(1) Rocksolar 4019381 80W Portable Power Station with LED Flashlight, USB and DC Output
(1) 19V/1.5A Power Adapter
(1) Cigarette Lighter Adapter
(1) User Manual