Rockus Bricks of Chocolatekus and Bright Light Mixed (6)

Blue Nomad Rockus Bockus and Bright Light Mixed 6-Pack
$64.99 $126.00 48% off List Price
2012 Rockus Bockus Proprietary Red Wine, Sonoma County
2010 Bright Light, Dry California White Wine

2010 white? What’s the blend? #s?

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Sorry! I sent a note to WD and the team.

2010 Bright Light, Dry California White Wine
Alcohol: 14.1%
pH: 3.39
TA: 0.62
Albariño from Monterey County, Chardonnay & Gewürztraminer from Sonoma County
Stainless steel fermented.

Tempting. An Albariño blend sounds really intriguing.

Labs on the red wouldn’t be such a bad thing either.

6 years on a white always worries me
Sounds like an offer I would jump on but for this.
Wish there were rats to alleviate my doubts

Yes. This is exactly what I was thinking.

I just drank my last bottle of the Rockus Bockus and it is one of my favorites. I have also had the Bright Light and remember it being an excellent dry white. Glad to see them again. I’m not an expert on wine, I just know what I like and both of these are worth repeating. Would purchase all Bright Light if I could. (For some reason, Woot keeps changing Rockus Bockus to Rockus Bricks) Bockus, Bockus, Bockus, I give up, I can’t seem to get it to let me say Rockus with a B!

Remember liking the bright lite,but that was 4 plus years ago.Hope it has aged well. Haven’t had the rockus but willing to take the chance to try both. Remember extensive discussion on both long ,long ago and far far away