Rockwell 14amp Circular Saw with Laser

Don’t let THIS be the last woot!





nice, haha i remember when a laser pointer cost $30

Well its cheap enuph, should go fairly quick. crosses fingers

wootoff killer

No case?
No deal.

wootoff killer

I wonder if this saw’s laser is compatible with laser tag? If it is, I’m in for 3.


good item actually

Is this Made by Binford?

…with frickin’ laser beams on it’s frickin’ head!

WTH is with all of the power tools?

Next up…Jared Leto.

No Thanks…Next

Well now we have something to cut the C R A P…let’s Woot!!!

“All I wanted were saws with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads!”

please let there only be 1, please let there only be 1, please let there only be 1…

does it play 45’s?

There’s a frickin’ laser beam attached to the frickin’ circular saw!