Rockwell 93-Piece Lithium Ion Super Kit

When 80 pieces isn’t enough, Rockwell breaks through that octogenarian barrier and checks in with a manly 93!

Regardless of the quality of this Rockwell kit, this is one I would have swooped up immediately. If nothing else, just the versatility this brings to the table. Alas, Alaska gets stiffed.

are 12 volt power tools stronger than they used to be? or would i be disappointed with a lack of power?

If you are a home owner then 12v would be ok but 18v is what you want.

Never heard of Rockwell tools before. Very good reviews of a few of the individual components of this bundle.

edit: updated link for sonicrafter

[MOD: The Sonicrafter appears to be a different model.]

Homeowner, and sometimes 12v just doesn’t cut it. I had to swap out my drill for lack of power, and I would never go back.

I own a craftsman 12v Nextec multitool and drill/driver and they’re okmfor most tasks around the house, i also own a set of Rockwell 18v and i rarely use them except for the reciprocating saw.

Rockwell makes pretty good tools according my handyman.

i hope they have just a single jig saw one day… HINT HINT

IMO, more than enough for around the house. I have a 12V Rockwell H3 hammer drill. No problem drilling into the concrete with it.

The issue I have with the smaller packs in general is that they don’t last long, as in, 10 minutes of use and the battery is drained. The drills usually fair ok, I’d be interested to hear in the performance of the saw.

I have an 18 volt Dewalt NiCad kit. Been wanting to upgrade to Lithium for a while but havent spent the coin. I am contemplating this. I would like a 12 volt drill for the light weight when doing overhead tasks (mostly electrical) up on a ladder. I cant see where for the average homeowner you need more than a 12 volt. I used a Miluakee Lithium 12 volt drill and fell in love with it. So light and nimble and plenty of power.

“(2) Battery Chargers with USB ports”

USB ports on the battery chargers…?

Nice, but seems rather odd to me.

If your working someplace with limited electrical access (1 extension cord) it could be handy.

Don’t waste your time (or money) on 12V.
Just because the tool runs, doesn’t mean it will do the job… get 18V and you won’t regret it.

No impact driver? No buy. Picked up the corded Rockwell oscillating tool a few weeks back for $40. Just not worth it being 12V and no impact driver. After having an impact driver it’s hard to go back to a regular drill. Get a bit set with hex shanks and tool changes are a snap.

Amen! But only if it was at least 18v. I’d pass on a 12v anything (except the flashlight, that’s one thing that 12v can handle). Even a 12v drill is not enough to do the job, unless you only plan on using it for a little while and won’t be up a creek when it runs out. A 12v saw? No thanks. You’ll get maybe 10-15 minutes of sustained cutting out of that, then have to charge it til tomorrow.

@Catbird, I believe those USB ports on the charger are for charging your phone, MP3 player, etc…

Doesn’t say what current they support so I wouldn’t count on them charging tablets which often require 1+ amps.

No charging until tomorrow! The charger will charge the batteries in less than a half hour. These 12v lithium batteries pack quite a punch and will run a good bit past the 10 to 15 minutes.

I don’t own any of these 12 volt Rockwell tools, but have been tempted by Rockwell’s 120 volt Sonicrafter oscillating tools.

What I like about Rockwell: they come up with some creative design details unlike most other “non-big-name” tool companies that seem to simply copy the big names.