Rockwell Oscillating Tool & Flashlight

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Rockwell Oscillating Tool & Flashlight
Price: $84.99
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Popular Mechanics calls this one of the 10 best cordless oscillating tools!


OK reviews (3.2 out of 5.0) over at


Time to check out the product page and learn all about Rockwell Tools free batteries for life!!!

Here are a few happy buyers that paid more than you will. Recommendations to pick up an alternate battery if you plan on extended use.

The battery pack looks a lot like the Milwaukee M12 series…do they interchange?


This one has 2 batteries, is that enough?


You can buy this exact package deal on ebay from Rockwell directly for $64.99.

It is refurbished but Rockwell stands behind it with a 2 year warranty.

also, free shipping.

(edit) the ebay kit does not contain the LED flashlight. I have a wide range of lighting tools already so $20 savings and no light is no big deal for me. (personal opinion)

I don’t really care to have it, but this doesn’t list the flashlight. I’m not so sure the flashlight would be worth $20

dang, you beat me to it.

Rockwell rep here: They do not interchange.

I have the corded model because I like the all power all the time option. My comments are general.

Usability: The variety of attachments can be used for many sorts of odd jobs. If you’re the kind of person that gets into odd-job situations this tool will probably help, IF the right attachments is in your box. If you don’t do a lot of specialized work, this tool is a waste of money.

Accessories: Rockwell is selling you a printer and charging a fortune for the ink (accessories). It’s unbelievable how much they demand for certain accessories. The cost is finally easing a little due to market saturation of the product. Quality of most accessories seems okay although I’ve gone through some expensive cutting blades in 6 inches of 3/4" pine. That comes out to about a $1 an inch of cut (an no, I didn’t hit any nails). They love to sell packages with a large number accessories but beware - most of time the accessory count is jacked up by including dozens of cheap little sanding pads and other items that cost nothing to produce. The bag mine came with is barely adequate.

I used mine for two projects and it has yet to pay for itself. Maybe after four or five more uses I’ll feel like I got my money’s worth. As you can tell, I’m not a huge fan because the cost of accessories is a RIP-OFF. Did I mention that they have a propriety mounting system so you are forced to use their accessories?

If you’re a tool hound, maybe you should go for it. But the thing will sit in your garage until the rare occasion arrives when an amateur needs a tool like this. It will probably help, for a price.

Warning: Don’t go looking for ordinary jobs to perform with this tool. You’ll use up those expensive accessories fast. Leave ordinary jobs to your regular tools.

How about with the Makita 10.8/12v battery? Those are hands down the best tools I own (drill, screw gun/impact, 3" circle saw, flashlight).

For the others, I have a very similar flashlight from Makita. While $20 seems like a lot extra for a flashlight we love having a rechargeable flashlight. We use it for night dog walks. We’ve got 4 batteries though so rarely is an actual tool missing its battery just so we can have light.

I’m pretty sure they design these things not to be interchangeable.

Does Ford and GM use the same transmission fluid?

This Rockwell Sonicrafter is universal fit which means other brand blades/accessories fit on our tool and our Rockwell brand blades/accessories fit on other brand oscillating tools.

That “free batteries for life” thing looks interesting, but state “For a limited time started Feb 2007”… Think it’s still valid 7 years later?

Different fluids but in a pinch, you can pour in either to get you to where you can change to correct stuff. Not with different mounting system.

As a homeowner, I just love Rockwell products. I bought this device from Woot a few months back to compliment the Rockwell Li powered drill and impact drill I had bought from Amazon a couple of years earlier. The battery replacement thing was a game changer for me. I haven’t had to exchange batteries, but the peace of mind knowing I won’t need to throw my stuff away because I can no longer get a replacement battery is great. I even bought a second drill set for our vacation home. They also charge quickly and hold their charge for a long period of time. I am well satisfied.

Rockwell Rep: What’s the story with the free batteries? What is the processing fee? I looked at the website but can’t see if it shows what the fee is.

I’m surprised that this tool is not met with more enthusiasm. I can only assume that a lot of folks haven’t tried it yet. I find it to be one of the most innovative and useful tools of the decade.

Did anyone ever redo a kitchen or bathroom? Well you just can’t do it in reasonable time without one of these tools. This tool makes things fit when they should fit but just don’t. As an example, cabinets and counter tops, plus anything else that’s made to fit in a room is made to be SQUARE in a shop. Unfortunately, the carpenter who built the house only tried to make the house square but somehow did not succeed…or maybe the house settled and became out of square. That’s one of the important uses of this tool…it makes you a master of making things fit. The tool saves you a lot of time and money and this cordless model makes the tool even more utilitarian.

For inexpensive accessories, check either Harbor Freight or Lowe’s Blue Hawk blade set.