Rockwell Shop Series 1/3 Sheet Finishing Sander Kit

aaaaaaaaaand we’re done…


It works well when plugged into the wireless gaming adapter. Just make sure you drop in that 1GB DDR RAM for increased startup sanding.

this thing is ollllllllld

Goodnight Woot. I am finishing my sander into ZZZZZZZZZZZZ’s

If it’s not made by Philips, and doesnt have any way of showing whats on my SD card. i don’t want anything to do with it.

Think I have time to make fudge??? g

For a moment, I almost had a heart attack as wootalyzer went down. Now, it’s up. Thank god!

psshaw sanders? comon woot what year is this 1874?

Use this to buff that ass!

i guess i could always use this to buff my tiles…

in for three!


finishing sander = impulse buy at 11:44pm

Rockwell: I always feel like somebody’s sanding me.

what a way to end a woot-off

cHArizo? soon? … in 15 min, this will have been officially a 24hr woot-off


Next up: 1/4 mile power cord, specially upsized so they can run this in the woods!

3am eastern time will be 27hrs straight for me… Ill be calling it quits then if no boc

Where’s the random bag o’ carp??? Anyone remember the website that gives you percentage left??? I completely forgot what it is!!!